DIY Rock Placecard Tutorial

Since I started The Violet Hours, my most linked-to post has been the air-dry-clay rock placecards that I made for my wedding. After many requests for a tutorial, here it is!




What you’ll need: white air dry clay, a sponge, cooking oil, small letter stamps, paper towel, q-tip, glossy varnish, sponge brush, parchment paper, rapidograph pen

  1. Form clay into an organic rock shape, about 3″ long x 2″ wide x 1″ tall. Smooth with wet sponge and let dry for ten minutes.
  2. Dip your finger in olive oil and smear across the surface of the clay. Stamp letters into the clay to spell names (the oil allows for a clean release). Blot oil off with a paper towel, and smooth any dings or divots with a wet q-tip.
  3. Let rocks dry completely on parchment paper, which may take a few days due to density of the clay.
  4. Using a sponge brush, coat dry rocks with varnish just over the name. This will dry in less than an hour.
  5. Using a rapidograph ink pen (the tip is very fine and almost functions like a syringe dispensing ink), fill in the letters with dark ink.
  6. Let ink dry and coat entire rock surface with a final coat of varnish.






June 8, 2010| DIY Home, Everyday Crafts, Grown-Up, Parties