Dollhouses For All

Today I have houses on the mind because yesterday, I closed on my very first apartment! Yes, my husband and I are now Brooklyn homeowners and I’m giddy, exhausted, elated, and yes, a little nervous. But mostly elated.

My sister and I had a few dollhouse incarnations as kids (including the Glamour Gals cruise ship that we loved), and we were very fastidious about our decorating choices. Ok, not much decorating happened on the Lido deck, but our next project was a dollhouse taller than we were—a Doll-Mansion, I’d say. My most distinct memory was hanging a locket-size photo of our Uncle Dore on the living room wall.

So as I begin to dream about decorating plans for my real-life home, I’d like to take a look at where the dollhouse has gone in the last twenty years. (My skills would be so refined if I’d had any of these!)


I saw the Emerson house by Brinca Dada at Toy Fair this year. Ridiculously amazing. Really. It even has sliding glass doors, 2 fireplaces, and solar panels. It’s so 2010. Check out their mini-furniture too.


This fold-able dollhouse from Ferm Living is totally the opposite. It’s design is super-simple yet full of imagination and possibility. Found via Decor8.


Here’s minimal for you. This clean shape designed by Eva Shildt for Playsam is soft, yet modern. For the simple child. Found via Minor Details.

March 17, 2010| Decor, DIY Home, Gifts