Easter Egg Crafts

As a magazine craft editor, I have to tackle Easter eggs every year. And seriously, it’s a massive challenge for me to reinvent this tradition. So instead of slaving over it myself, I hire brilliant crafters to tackle the egg. Need new, easy ideas? Look no further…



You have to visit Chez Larsson to see how she made these adorable egg crafts!


These precious egg cozies were made by the brilliant Susan B. Anderson for Parents magazine. They are little baby socks, felt, and pompoms—genius!

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Another amazing use of Happy Tape, Suzonne Stirling (check out her lovely blog, Urban Comfort) made these amazing (and refreshingly simple) eggs for Family Circle. Gorgeous!


You can’t ignore Martha Stewart when it comes to decorating eggs. Check out these cuties from her April 2010 issue.

March 30, 2010| Everyday Crafts, Holidays