Food or Faux?

Play food is huge in the kiddo market. I’m crazy about Yellow Label Kids’ knitted sweets and Haba’s felt and wood foods. But now I feel like there’s a trend towards foods that look inedible (but really are) and products that aren’t edible but look it. What am I talking about? Look!

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Food or Faux? It’s faux! This is soap, people! Amazing craftsmanship, but do I really want to wash my hands with a cinnamon bun? Soaps by Soapopotamus .

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Food or faux? It’s food! Yes, dear readers, these crayons from Luxirare are made from ingredients like sesame seeds, melted marshmallow, yellow Fruity Pebbles, dried banana, and more. Found via Petite Planet. I do think kids will eventually be chomping down on wax if they get to savor these even once.


Food or faux? It’s food! Here is a classic cupcake that really is sugary-sweet perfection—no wax, no weirdness. From my favorite local Brooklyn bakery, One Girl Cookies.

February 26, 2010| Food, Gifts, Grown-Up