Time for Gratitude

Yesterday was a big day of thank you's…thanks for always having a tissue, thanks for always having chewing gum, thanks for always having patience (for mom, in case you didn't figure that out). Here are a few more ways to say gracias in case you ran out.


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You can buy a kit to make these sweet cards. By Martha Stewart, of course. 




It's healthy to be grateful for everything in life. Leah Dieterich's mother taught her to write thank you notes, so she started a blog where she writes thank-you notes to everything. Really, everything. Found via A Cup of Jo.


Awesome thank you bag by Happy Family.


I agree—doilies say thank you on any occasion. These adorable notecards are by my friend Amanda, also know as Twee Cards. Take a look at her cute Etsy store!

May 10, 2010| Decor, Gifts, Holidays