Happy Thoughts

Daydreamers-0I just realized that as I’m uploading the above photo collage to this post, I’m smiling. It’s been a crazy morning: husband and 2-year-old son make pancakces for 1-year-old daughters first birthday (picture it: egg yolk running down face of kitchen cabinets), son throws tantrum over wanting to be with work-at-home mommy and not scootering with nanny, and then just the on-going stress of crafting my 100-craft, insane (but awesome) book. Serious first-world problems here, but still, I’ve been a slight ball of tension for the last 2 hours.

Daydreamers-7And then I spot this photo on Flavor Wire. Romania-based photographer Alexandra Sandu’s technique in The Daydreamers Project is to place subjects against a colorful pastel background and ask them to close their eyes and think of something cheerful. She snaps a photo, and ahhh…images of Zen. She began the project in September 2009, and her goal is to document 1,000 daydreamers. This boy makes me particularly happy…adults seem to look forward or to turn their faces downward, but he turns it up…a true expression of joy!

Maybe this is a good exercise for us all to do…think of what brings you the most happiness and have someone take your photo with your eyes closed. When your problems start to plague you, first-world or other, glance at the photo for a reminder of your happy place.

April 3, 2013| Everyday Crafts, Me Time, Uncategorized