Homemade Piñatas

The weather is gettin’ good, so it’s time to take the party outside. And what’s better than a piñata at an outdoor par-tay? Check out these clever homemade creations…


A love note piñata for a wedding! A brilliant idea found on Ruffled.


This gorgeous creation was designed based on a camillia flower. Made by Inchmark for her daughter’s 4th birthday.


Mini-piñata party favors are really easy to make! Found on You Are My Fave (craft by Not Martha).


Design Mom planned a Knight party for her precious son. They couldn’t find a good-looking knight related piñata, so they made one. Naturally.


Want to make a piñata from nature? Once you smack this one down, it’s way easier to clean up! Found on Daily Danny.

April 7, 2010| DIY Home, Everyday Crafts, Food, Parties