Inventive Gardens

Aren’t these the coolest planters ever? Beyond…

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How cool are Flora Grubb‘s Vertical Gardens? You can build your own for the bargain price of $100. It’s looks like a living painting. Found via Oh Happy Day!


These gumball-sized seed-and-soil pods are sold specific to the United States region of your choice. So you can buy the West coast, East coast, or Midwest variety. Just toss them into your garden, no digging required. $6 at Anthropologie.


A true mobile garden. This light-weight portable bag enables you to go from terrace to rooftop, from one address to another, rotating crops year-round. It may seem silly, but how lovely would it be to safely transplant your veggie garden to your new home! From A + R Store.


Sip a glass of rosé on your porch next to your chilled out human-shaped planter by Eternit. Found on Trendir.


July 22, 2010| DIY Home, Grown-Up, Nature