Jazzed-Up Office Supplies

Getting back into the swing of work on a Monday morning never gets easy (especially the day after hosting a super bowl party). Is there any way to solve this eternal dilemma? Probably going to bed early on Sunday night, eating a healthy breakfast, or exercising at the break of dawn? Nah. Not gonna happen. Maybe some crafty office supplies to look forward to? Yep. That should do it.

Diy-colorful-thumbtacksDress up your thumbtacks with nail polish like these from The Modcloth Blog.

Painted cork board
Glue corkboard into embroidery hoops and then paint for a poppy wall display. It’s okay to hang an excel spreadsheet from one of these, really it is! By Signed by Tina.

Go ahead, take a few minutes and turn your paper clips into hearts. It never hurts to spread a little love around the office on a Monday morning. By How About Orange.

It’s not so hard to take apart your staper and give it a little facelift like this color-blocked one from Design for Mankind.

February 4, 2013| Everyday Crafts, Grown-Up, Organization