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Time for Knitted Nature

This is possibly the most random post subject ever, but once I saw the images from Jan Messent's Knitted Gardens (found on Vintage for Kids) I went on a search for more knitted flora and fauna.



It's like a little garden for a dollhouse. So beyond amazing!


I may need to get my mom (she's a knitter) started on this project stat! From Wary Meyers, from the 1978 book, the Needleworker's Constant Companion.



These knitted flower sculptures by Tatyana Yanishevsky remind me of the Venus Fly Trap from Little Shop of Horrors


My mom needlepointed (not knitted) this flower for the ring pillow at my wedding. She had a pillow made from fake moss and the rings tied on with the ribbon.

May 3, 2010| Everyday Crafts, Nature, Parties