Last Minute Valentine Idea


As an individual, I don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day traditionally. But as a crafter, I simply can’t avoid it. It is a holiday ripe with creative possibility! And, I’m a bit of a sap, so one small gesture per year is allowed.

If you are in need a last minute Valentine for the significant other in your life, this one packs a big punch. Last year, I made a numbered list of each day that I had known Michael. I know, it sounds daunting, but with auto-type on Word, it’s super easy. I figured out important dates (like when we were in Argentina, I wrote in Spanish) and described them accordingly. To make it easier on myself, I often copied the same sentence over and over to complete the list. I rolled the scroll and tied it with twine.

So for this Valentine, you just have to have patience and math skills.

(Love to you all.)

February 13, 2010| Everyday Crafts, Gifts, Grown-Up, Holidays, Valentine's Day