(Non-Christmas) Wreathes

February may seem to be a strange time to blog about wreaths, but lately I’ve become a big fan. Having grown up in a home where we didn’t celebrate Christmas, wreathes were the equivalent to having a tinseled, lit tree in your living room. But today I’m declaring that stigma over. For good. These delightful examples prove my point…

Felt-flower-wreath-2   Felt-flower-wreath-5-425

This beautifully crafted wreath would be amazing on the door at an intimate wedding. Felt flower winter wreath from The Purl Bee.

The color choices here are phenom. Felted ball wreath from Pickles.

Paper Wreaths by Haru, via Craftzine.

Paper circle wreath from Crafty Stylish.

Tie Wreath from Good Housekeeping.


Nature wreath from Parents magazine.

February 9, 2010| Decor, DIY Home, Everyday Crafts, Holidays