Paper-Cup Animal Crafts

This post makes me want to write a whole book on crafts to do with paper cups. As I was stumbling upon these, I started searching for crafts that I swore had to exist and they didn’t! But the overwhelming amount of genius paper-cup animal crafts was staggering. Who knew?

Paper-cup-animalsI can’t even contain my dropped-jaw expression for these artful paper cup animals by Gautam Datta. You also have to see how he crafted Hindu divinities from paper and cups. Amazing.

I found these on Pinterest, but there’s no source from where they came. Sad. Because they are beyond the beyond. The winking bunny sends me.

Yes, this last one from Handmade Charlotte has a Christmas slant, but how smart is it to cut up straws to make antlers on a reindeer cup? Love. Love. Love.

February 8, 2013| Everyday Crafts, Food, Holidays, Parties, Upcycled