Party in a Box

I am usually not a fan of the packaged party thing; I’m a DIY girl after all. I’m constantly getting press releases and pitches for “party in a box” sets that just do it all for you. Now, I’m not a mom yet, and I know most moms out there say that sometimes is just easier to buy a kit. Well, if you must do the grab-n-go thing, at least spring for something as cool as Banter and Frolic. Check out these sweet party kits.


The Carnival is in Town contains (among other things) hot dog holders, popcorn bags, pinwheels, and ticket strips.


The Grandstand Sports Party comes with sporty drink holders, paper to make cones, pennants and sandwich holders.


Off Limits Construction Party comes with construction tape, straw tags, construction tape, and icon food toppers.

Standard with each party comes invitations and a manual (yes, a how-to manual for setting up your party-in-a-box). Sad that you’d have to order from an online Australian site (hello, shipping costs!), so if you must have a kit made in the USA, go for the precious ones by Meri Meri.

(But really, if you have any questions about kids’ parties, leave a comment; it’s my specialty!)

Banter and Frolic found via LMNOP.



March 22, 2010| DIY Home, Everyday Crafts, Grown-Up, Parties