Quilted Maps

I think the only way to get back is just to jump in feet first. I can’t believe that five weeks have passed since I last blogged but these 35 days days have seemed like one long day, broken up into three hour increments when my son wakes from his naps.

But I am vowing to rejoin the blogging world…I miss my daily perusals and posts! So here’s my soft re-entry.

I’m so in love with these urban quilts—Soft Maps by Haptic Lab. They are cities and neighborhoods, stitched in quilt form. They are no chump change…the throws are $2,400 a piece, but they are so intricate with their accuracy that I get it. The one above is Manhattan (must have wooden pieces), and below are Park Slope, Brooklyn (my neighborhood—holla!) and Washington, DC.

Spotted via Say Yes to Hoboken.



October 4, 2010| Decor, DIY Home, Everyday Crafts, Gifts