Slip Into Slippers

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Okay, really, it’s seriously time for warm slippers. It was the rainiest, most abusively awful New York weather this weekend, causing me to arrive home after every outing (and unfortunately, I had many required ones this weekend) with sopping wet shoes and a broken spirit. Yes, it was that bad.

So it really, really made me want a fresh pair of slippers to, er, slip in to. I found these Collégien knitted ones a few weeks ago on LMNOP, and then saw them again today. No joke, there are over 100 patterns and you can get them in both kid and adult sizes. Photo They are machine washable and have a non-slip, aerated sole. If you know where to buy them in the States, please let me know!

P.S…Here is a classic scene that all New Yorkers will recognize: the umbrella graveyard on the street corner. How many did you lose this weekend?

March 15, 2010| Decor, Grown-Up, Jewelry and Fashion