Let It Snow!

Is every craft blogger in the Northeast blogging about snow crafts today? It’s so dang cold outside that it’s all I can think about!

Snowman-clocheMy favorite part of this snowman craft is the plastic drink bottle cloche. So clever! You can find instructions at Crafts n Coffee.

Check out these adorable polar bears over at Parents.com. You can watch a how-to video here.


These flakes are cut from poster board, so they should be sturdy enough to last for a while. Definitely a project for an adult because of all the cutting, but how cool would they be floating in the playroom? Craft by Dana Made It.

The one thing that turns me off from making my own snowglobes is the baby oil element. I always make a mess, and the smell is not my fave. I love the simplicity and elegance of these liquid-less snowglobes by Sweet Something Design.

January 22, 2013| Everyday Crafts, Nature