Technology of Yesteryear

crocheted Record player

When I saw this adorable knitted record player on All The Beautiful Things I Want, I realized that my son Oliver will never know what a record player is. Or a cassette tape. Or even a compact disk for that matter. It got me thinking of other passé technology that he’ll never know and how I can introduce it to him in a toy version. Just trying to keep the nostalgia alive.

knitted rotary phone


And then there’s the rotary phone. Or honestly, just a phone with a cord will be foreign to him! You can make your own with Caffa Knitted’s Rotary Dial Telephone knitting pattern.

felt typewriter

Oh, and the typewriter. No screen. No backspace. No iTunes. Felt typewriter found on Double Takes.

felt boom box

Oliver will never see a dude walking down the street with a 15-pound boom box on his shoulder. This felt boombox by Sewn by Blythe is really a work of art.

January 3, 2011| Early Elementary, Everyday Crafts, Gifts, Preschool, Toddler, Toys