The World Cup, El Fin

There was a sadness in the house yesterday when the 2010 World Cup ended, but a great joy that Spain won (my husband Michael won his pool!!). His niece and nephew were in town and helped generate a playful (and crafty) spirit!

Spain mascot

Quinn (age 10) had an idea of making a robot-like Spain mascot, so we cobbled together some materials for Alejandro (Jordan, age 12, named him that).

Head and body = cardboard boxes, hat = jar lid, eyes = corks, mouth = round box top, arms = twisted grocery bags, talk bubble = paper on a piece of garden wire, legs = golf clubs, feet = Michael’s soccer cleats.

Alejandro was a hit at our small World Cup gathering, and I swear, Spain couldn’t have won without him.


I served gazpacho in my alphabet cups, and our friends brought over a delicious tortilla espanol and gambas al ajillo (garlic shrimp). A bueno time was had by all!

World Cup, we’ll see you in four years!

July 12, 2010| Everyday Crafts, Upcycled