The World Cup, Part Deux

To celebrate the US win yesterday, here are more fun soccer/World Cup finds…

Color fustal ball

World futsal ball

If they asked my opinion, I think the World Cup ball should actually have a world on it! Found via Chroma Labs.

Screen shot 2010-06-17 at 7.15.52 PM


Visit the New York Times for a cool interactive tool that takes you through a timeline of the World Cup balls. Found via Black Eiffel.


Bas & Daan designed this shirt in support of the Dutch soccer team. From the website:

A lot of football players celebrate by pulling the shirt over their heads. On the inside of our supporter shirt, we printed the heads of the 3 most popular players of the Dutch national football team. So now, when the Dutch team scores you can pull your shirt over your head and become a legend!

Found via Design Mom.

June 24, 2010| Grown-Up, Nature