The World Cup

Last night I uttered words that I never thought would leave these lips: we need to discuss our World Cup weekend plans. In most American households, The World Series, The Super Bowl, or even The Stanley Cup get high billing, but in mine, this every 4-year tournament is paramount to any sporting event. (Olympics who?) I simply can’t pretend to totally care, but mix a little design and entertaining into the sport, and I’m game.

fabric soccer ball

fabric soccer ball

Fabric soccer balls by Klas Ernflo. Each is sized to match a real soccer ball and made from wool. Not sure if I’d want to kick it or pet it. Found via FFFFound. Gift for my unborn son? Perfect! Available for sale at Partners & Spade.

soccer tape

soccer tape

I saw this soccer tape by Magis at ICFF this year…just tape up a wad of newspaper and that’s all you need to DIY a soccer ball! Found on Design Revolution Road Show.

soccer cupcake

Throwing a World Cup party? Make these cute cupcakes, using the 100-Calorie Oreo packs. By Karen Tack for Parents Magazine.

soccer mug

Maybe I’ll buy this vintage mug for my husband for his morning coffee. From Neat Old Shiz.

Goooooooaaaaaalllllll! (Just practicing!)

June 10, 2010| Food, Gifts, Nature, Parties