Things to Do With Wooden Crates

The wooden crate is a flea market staple. Next time you see a tower of them, you may be more inspired.


At my wedding, we used a vintage wooden crate as a “flip book” of old photos of me and Michael. It had a playful flea market feel.


Put some casters on the bottom and turn them into rolling toy storage. Found via Minor Details.


Crates work so well as shelves. If only they were all styled this beautifully. Found via Emmas Design Blogg.


Isn’t a wooden crate full of colorful old wallpaper charming? Found via Decor8.


Dog bowl holder—so clever. Found via Apartment Therapy.


With imperfect slats on the bottom, wooden crates make great planters, as seen here on Diggin Food.

August 9, 2010| Decor, DIY Home, Nature, Organization, Parties, Upcycled