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Ok, before diving straight into a new post about something lovely, creative, and amazing, I want to just recap the last 2 (or so) months of silence. What may seem like a “vacation” or “break” was nothing of the sort. Here’s a quick synopsis…

  • 7-day (straight) photoshoot for my book
  • 2 days later, I flew to Hilton Head with my husband, kids, and husband’s family
  • While in HH, I wrote the text for my book
  • Wrote and shot this story for Mom.me while in HH
  • 7 days later, drove to Atlanta from HH to extend the family visit
  • Continued to write book
  • Returned to NY and went to Alt Summit NYC 3 days later (more on that soon!)
  • 4 days later, another 4-day photo shoot to shoot the how-to’s for my book (on the last day we shot 96 pics!)
  • The next day I flew to Denver for the most beautiful wedding of our dear friends Kate & Joel (more on that soon)
  • The day after I returned from Denver, I had to turn in my completed manuscript

And now, 2 weeks later, I’m resuming my blog posts! I’m so excited to be blogging again…I have so much to catch up on!

{The photos are all from my photoshoot!}

July 22, 2013| Everyday Crafts, Me Time