Draw On Your Placemat

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If there were a step-by-step guide to teaching patience at the toddler level, I’d buy the DVD, the book, the book-on-tape, and subscribe to the Twitter feed, Facebook updates, and Instagram posts. But, no matter how hard we try, dinners out, and sometimes even dinners in, require a delicate time balance between the pre-food entertaintment, food arrival, waiting for food to cool down, and then the digestion/wait-for-the-check black hole. Potential solution? Placemat entertaintment.

I have this awesome set of paper placemats called Let’s Make Some Great Placemat Art. It’s imaginiative and open-ended, but still too advanced for my 2.5 year old.


Led-pmI love this hand-drawn/digital take on placemat messages, but we are still in the letter recognition phase, rather than the letter creation one. Note to self: save for age 5. Or my next dinner party. Via Habitat Kid.

Thanksgiving-kids-table-party-1109-deAlas, sometimes the right solution is the easiest one. Just toss down some brown paper and cups of crayons and let the madness take its course. I’ll do anything to avoid the dinnertime Mickey Mouse Clubhouse videos on You Tube. Photo via Country Living.

January 17, 2013| Decor, Early Elementary, Everyday Crafts, Food, Holidays, Parties, Preschool, Thanksgiving, Toddler