Photographing Children

I feel like this is an appropriate follow-up to Monday’s reflection post. I saw this on Design Mom today, and it literally made my eyes well up in loveliness. You Are My Wild is a weekly portrait project that brings together 14 photographers to document how they see their children. Here are a few stand-outs for me… (There are so many amazing ones…you have to see for yourself.)


photographer: Anje Marie

why i love it: the post-mortem joy of the celebration, the parade, the party…all taken in with studious black glasses.



photographer: rebecca zeller

why i love it: you can read two different personalities of these children from above and below the table. the purple tights and the crossed feet speak volumes.



photographer: brooke schwab

why i love it: this photo truly felt like a moment in the day of this family. there is no sense of performance at all. just the transference of pure love in the grasp of her ponytail.



photographer: shelby brakken

why i love it: he is looking out the window, plotting how buzz will make it to infinity.



photographer: kati dimoff

why i love it: the band-ade’d knees and sidewalk chalk scribble make me think this girl is a fearless artist.

As a photo major in college, I always imagined that my kids would only know me with a black box in front of my face, but little did I know that the iPhone was to be invented just 15 or so years later. So instead of the black box, there is this little rectangular, deck-of-cards sized object that can sometimes capture a moment on the fly. How lucky am I that not only do I get to preserve my kids’ moments constantly, but I can also see the light of day.

February 27, 2013| Decor, Me Time