Upcycle It! 4 Crafts to Make with a Pizza Box

upcycle pizza box crafts


When it comes to craft materials, everything is fair game in my house: cardboard tubes, catalogs, single-use coffee pod cups (K-cups), and even the little tabs that you pull out of the spout of a carton of milk. I just can’t bring myself to throw any of those away! And then there’s cardboard…the workhorse material of the upcycled craft world. Cardboard can be anything, and thus, your pizza box can be too! Here are 4 knock-outs that are made from (preferably clean) pizza boxes.

pizza box upcycled tent

I mean come on! How cute is this and how much would any kid love to have a little hippy tent for her stuffed animals? I love how this one is styled in the harlequin look, but you could also go rustic and pull in a nature vibe. (This is actually sized for an actual kid, made from a moving box, but when I saw it I immediately transformed it miniature as a pizza box.) Once again, Handmade Charlotte gets it right.

record player makedo

Those smarty-pants over at Makedo have really figured out how to turn cardboard into just about anything! And here’s the crazy thing…this record player actually works! (A little vinyl education might be in order before embarking on this craft with your kiddos.)

parking garage pizza box

One of my fave parts about this pizza box turned parking garage is that Mommo Design kept the two flaps in tact when building it. Play value here is enormous!

art easel pizza box scholastic

With minimal effort, this project is totally doable for any level crafter. Use the underneath area to store extra supplies. And then once the easel gets a little too messy, just order a large pie for dinner! Your kids will thank you, no doubt there! Via Scholastic Instructor.

June 22, 2015| Decor, Everyday Crafts, Upcycled