Who Doesn’t Love a Craft Challenge?

alt summit project kid business card

I have a perpetual dream that I’m going to be called to a craft competition game show (who remembers Craft Corner Deathmatch?) where I’m given a selection of materials and challenged to make something awesome from them. In this fantasy there is a clock, a closet of basic ingredients, and some stiff competition. But it seems those producers aren’t (yet) calling, so I decided to make my own of sorts.

I just returned from Alt Summit, a conference for pioneering and rookie bloggers and creatives in the lifestyle genre. Business cards are a big deal at this 3-day event, and I wanted to make something that might stand out. So I challenged my fellow attendees to a little task…make a craft using three of the five materials enclosed in the bag, plus one additional material, and post it on Instagram. The winner, selected randomly, will win a $100 gift card from my friends at Michaels.

As the entrees start rolling in, I decided to take the challenge myself. So thus, this fluffy bunny was born (I added the yellow yarn which I crafted into a pom-pom). If you want to follow along in the challenge, you can check out the hashtag #ProjectKidAlt2015 on Instagram.

June 15, 2015| Everyday Crafts, Upcycled