10 Teacher Gifts

It’s that time again! Whether your kids are the lucky ones with a few school days left, or the end is still weeks away – it’s not too early or late to think about teacher gifts. Apples will always be the original gift theme, but as crafters our favorite classic school motif is the pencil. The No.2 represents endless possibilities – not only with what it can make, but also what it can be made into. Here are 10 pencil presents that are on-point whether you want to give a stylish, sweet, or functional gift.

1. Design Mom transforms the basic school supply into three chic jewelry pieces (above), each with their own flair. The brooch highlights the honeycomb shape while the necklaces play with grown up rainbow patterns.


diy mail tube pencil bank teacher presentEarn an easy A+++++ with this oversized pencil bank. Whether your teacher takes it home to save spare change or keeps it in school for contributions towards a class pet, it’s sure to collect as many smiles as it does coins. Damask Love shares the genius instructions.


diy pencil pouch straws lemonade teacher gift“Refreshing” will be the new word you associate with pencil pouches after making a pack of these cute gifts from Design Eat Repeat. Set your teacher up for a smooth transition from school to summer with sunny straws and lemonade mix.


diy colored pencil vase teacher gift A rainbow vase made from pencils will compliment whatever flowers fill it. Fab Furnish provides an easy pencil vase how-to.


diy colored pencil coasters teacher giftGive your teacher a colorful resting place for her morning beverage. This DIY eye-popping pencil coaster will provide an extra energy boost. (via Consumer Crafts)


gumball pencil teacher giftWhen stacked, a handful of gumballs becomes a clever graphic abstraction of a pencil. Though Kara’s  labels say “Back to School”, we think they’d make a perfect “School’s Out” treat too.


diy pencil candy wrapper teacher gift Wrap all your teacher’s favorite treats in colored paper to create old school No.2s. Add Pink Pearl erasers for extra credit! Lily Shop shows you how.


diy pencil point frame teacher gift Lily Cupcake shows you how to turn an ordinary frame into a work of art that will give extra umph to whatever photo it holds.


pencil stickers teacher present Sometimes a classic needs to be remixed. Pencil Stickers will let your teacher customize her writing implements to match her mood and make grading papers a little more enjoyable – ok tolerable.


diy golden pencil necklace teacher giftKing Midas would definitely approve of this all gold pencil pendant from Lovely Indeed . It’s sure to inspire envy in the teacher’s lounge.

May 25, 2017| Back to School, Decor, DIY Home, Everyday Crafts, Gifts, Jewelry and Fashion, Wood