11 Brilliant Borax Uses

Like most of the internet, we haven’t been able to escape the recent slime craze. After trying out all sorts of slime recipes (which include everything from shampoo to yogurt) we came to the clear conclusion that Borax is the magic slime ingredient. But when you reach your slime limit before the box is through, what is there to do with the extra Borax? A lot actually! Borax is just as handy for making nontoxic cleaners as it is for crafting pretty crystals. Instead of leaving it in the back of your cupboard, get inspired by all the wonders it can work.

1. Borax can be used to create a super realistic geode that’s the perfect topper for a jewelry box. Though it was designed as a stylish DIY friend gift—you might just want to keep it for yourself.

rose bouquets diy flower drying                                                  (image via Style Me Pretty)

2. Allow flowers to have eternal life with a mixture of borax and cornmeal. Maybe the Beast wouldn’t have been in such a pickle if he’d followed these simple instructions from 20 Mule Team

diy glitter bouncy ball borax 3. Give those toys from the quarter machine a run (or bounce) for their money with homemade glitter bouncy balls. Hello Wonderful shows you how to conduct this cool “science experiment” that your kids will want to make over and over.

DIY Borax Crystal pipe cleaner stars

DIY completed Borax rainbow crystal stars4. Creating crystals has a similar science-experiment appeal and can be used with all sorts of fun shapes. One Little Project turns colorful pipe cleaners into rainbow stars, but you could also make hearts, snowflakes, or even words. Another more organic option is to use crystals to cover natural materials like stones, or  seashells for a sparkly snowfall effect.

DIY colorblock crayon candles5. If you’re someone who likes making homemade candles, creating wicks using Borax will help them burn longer with less smoke and ash. Latitudes 21 shares an infographic with the how-to, along with other Borax ideas.  To craft the color-block candles shown above, check out the DIY from Brit + Co—it uses crayons!

flower foot bath                                                  (image via The Motherhood)

6. One of Borax’s useful properties is that it works as an anti-fungal and can actually be found in store-bought Foot Soap Soaks, such as Johnson’s. Leaf shares an easy recipe for a sweet smelling foot bath.  

DIY non toxic goo gone                                                            (image via Pop Sugar)

7. A sticky label that won’t budge is an annoyance that can easily take up more time than it’s worth. With a few drops of vegetable oil, borax will leave a formally gummy surface crystal clear. Find the recipe over on Creative Homemaking.

blue patterned china plates and cups

(image via Veranda Magazine)

8. For china that has lost its shine, a soak in Borax will bring back its luster—no scrubbing necessary. DIY & Crafts shares the how to. 

diy homemade all purpose borax cleaner

9. Borax works wonders as an all purpose cleaner—there isn’t a stain that scares it! Mix up a lemon scented batch from this Pop Sugar recipe and use it to fight grime.

DIY floam with borax

10. For an alternative to slime that’s less slippery and more sculptural, try floam. Parenting Chaos walks you through the steps that little hands will love helping with.

DIY cleaning slime with borax

11. Finally, if your heart is still set on making slime, at least make a version that’s useful! Those hard to clean cracks in your keyboard are no match for cleaning slime. Solution Insider  shows you how. 

April 4, 2017| DIY Home, Everyday Crafts, Jewelry and Fashion, Nature, STEM