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It’s The Best Day of Summer!

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Yes, today is my best day of the summer and that’s because I’m visiting the most magical place in the world—no beaches, no Mickey Mouse, no messages…it’s Birch Family Camp.

For the last ten years, I have volunteered one or two weeks of my summer to teach photography to the kids and parents of this wonderful place. For over twenty years, Birch Camp has been providing families from the poorest New York communities with extraordinary therapeutic and recreational services designed for people infected — and affected — by HIV/AIDS.

It is the tightest knit family I have ever been a part of, and after just six days together in the woods, we all leave with new friends, new lessons, and sore cheeks from laughing so much. Because I am almost nine months pregnant, I couldn’t go this year, so I am going to get my fill for just one day.


Camp has been suffering greatly due to the economy, and we are desperate for donations. If you’d like to contribute, please click here, or, if you’d like to buy our fabulous Birch Family Cookbook, S’more to Love ($40 plus S&H), with over 100 recipes and gorgeous photos of shiney, happy people, please click here!

And if you’d like to peak at our photo program, you can learn a bit about it here.

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Unusual Tea Bags

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After four straight days of rain, I thought my decaf iced coffee summer days were over! So hot tea was on the brain…




Donkey Products has an amazing selection of character tea bags. The top image is from their Zoo ParTea series, and the design-your-own group below is from CreativiTea. Don’t they just make you smile?


Serve your guests tea in glass mugs to show off these gorgeous origami tea bags. Found via Design Swan.


Of course, a tea bag on a hanger! Brilliant! Found via Yanko Design, via Pinterest.


Ew, but funny…tea packaged in cigarette form. This will keep paws off your precious tea! Found via


These tea sticks are so cool!

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A Topographical Rug

| Decor, DIY Home

When a map and carpet come together, this is the result. The designer, Laurens Van Weiringen, and 29 of her closest friends worked together to accurately depict a landscape in the form of a rug. They used varying sized and colored foam squares in a very exacting grid to create this cool result. I wonder if she’ll do custom orders?


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A Postcard Garden

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These take tabletop gardening to a whole new level! Introducing Postcarden

Combining gift and greeting card, PostCarden is a fun and simple pop-out card that transforms into a mini living garden. Choose from a cityscape park, a botanical garden, a little backyard garden, or a football field.





Found via Ohdeedoh.

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Food on a Stick

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I worked on this adorable story for Parents Mag with my friend, Judy Goldberg (it was her genius idea!) and the uber-talented stylist Paul Lowe of Sweet Paul. It’s super-fun, and really, what doesn’t taste better when eaten off a stick? You can find more recipes for food on a stick at


Pie Pops: sugar cookie dough filled with jam. Yum!


Everyone loves a sticky popcorn ball!


Cake balls!


Tomato twigs: Get the kids to eat their veggies with mini-tomatoes perched atop bread sticks.


Salad sticks: use the cupcake liner to catch the dripping dressing.

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Time for Mad Men

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Monday morning is sad—it means I have another week until I can watch Mad Men again. In addition for my irrational love for Don Draper, I’ve been obsessed this season with the new 1960’s set, wishing every chair, sofa, lamp, and desk lived in my apartment.





Check out the comments of the art directors and set designers on Daily Icon.

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Moustaches, Oui Oui.

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I love that a facial hair style has made a comeback everywhere but the actual face.

Picture 4


I love the colors and design of Smitten Sticks, perfect for photo booths, party favors, or general sleuthing.

Halloween ghosts 008

A lolly pop in cognito! From Dandee Designs.


I love this stack ring by Kristy Lin. Dress him up with a necktie, or disguise him with a moustache. Found via Poppytalk.

Mustache Napkin Rings-small

Moustache chalkboard napkin rings…naturally! Found via Modern Dose.


Test out the moustache of your choice with these mugs. Found on Tickle Kitten.


Love the Western/bandit feel of these moustache handkerchiefs. Found via Poppytalk.

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Camera Fun

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Between me and my husband, we must have over a dozen cameras—holgas, point-and-shoot digitals, film SLR’s, vintage Brownies. So needless to say, I have a thing for cameras…


This makes me ask…what will our child’s first camera be? Found via Black Eiffel.





A totebag on your shoulder, flats on your feet, a floral sundress on your back and a camera around your neck. You’re a fashionista photog — so why cramp your style with the strap that just came in the box? And it has a great little pocket, perfect for film or memory cards. Available for sale at Photojojo.


A new take on a camera bag…found via How About Orange.






I just couldn’t resist posting about these hilarious photo paddles. Who needs photoshop? For sale on Photojojo.

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