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DIY Jellyfish Halloween Costume

| Halloween, Holidays

Under the Sea: it’s a popular category for birthday parties, animated features, and also, you guessed it, Halloween costumes!

When I proposed a jellyfish costume to Parents for their October 2021 issue, they were all about it. The most vital item that you need for this magical animal costume is the hands-free umbrella! It will give your little sea creature the structure they need to exist as an out-of-water jellyfish, with their hands free to collect all the candy!

Below are the links for materials that I used…and for the full how-to, click over to!


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DIY Felt Halloween Banners

| Decor, DIY Home, Halloween, Holidays

Sometimes you feel like a ghost, sometimes you don’t. And by feeling like a ghost, I mean decorating with them. Ghosts and witches, and spiders and eyeballs are what Halloween is made of, but sometimes a slightly more sophisticated approach is what you’re feeling.

I made these easy felt Halloween pennants for Oriental Trading’s Fun365 website…click on over there for the full how-to, shopping list, and template!

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Cute Snail Halloween Costume

| Baby, Early Elementary, Halloween, Holidays, Older Elementary, Preschool, Toddler

When my kids were younger, I would always start the Halloween costume suggestions with animals. First, who doesn’t love a cute little kiddo dressed up as a furry friend, a cute crawler, or an exotic species? There is so much DIY potential in these costumes from colors to textures to materials…what more could a crafty parent want??

diy snail costume for kids toddlers

When Parents magazine asked me to drum up some animal costumes this year for their October 2021 issue, I was all paws on deck. Starting with the smallest of the group…this elegant, stylish snail.

One great thing about this costume is that it’s worn like a backpack and is VERY lightweight, so it won’t aggravate even the most sensitive of kiddos. You can wear any under-clothes that you want from a frilly dress to leggings and a tee.

Check out the rest of the animals over at!

Photos by Timothy Smith, Styling by Jill Rothstein

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