Winter Greetings from Craft Land

January 18, 2010
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Ok, so maybe it’s a little cliche to be a crafter and to love Martha Stewart, but I’m admitting it. Right here. I heart Martha Stewart. Maybe her extensively detailed articles on the proper laundering techniques of bed sheets or pruning apple trees can get a little tedious, but sometimes her crafts are so right on.

This craft is not actually hers (but really, which ones are?); it’s by Jodi Levine, one of her craft gurus. (I swear I saw Jodi at the new Michael’s here in NYC, but I was too craft-struck to say anything.)

Instead of sending disposable paper greetings, she made these very easy tissue packet holders from felt (my fave source for wool felt is Magic Cabin) and stamped the top tissue with a sweet greeting. Easy, flat, and perfect for winter.



DIY Legos meet Muji Craft

January 18, 2010
DIY Home, Holidays, Paper


I love it when two good brands collaborate. Like Legos and Muji.

They’ve joined to create this genius new product that comes with traditional Lego blocks, paper, and a puncher. There are 4 amazing sets but sadly, they are only sold in Japan. But there must be a way to DIY this…stay tuned.


Off to buy Legos!



Paper Cuts Craft

January 5, 2010
Decor, DIY Home, Paper


 Celio Braga, Placebos, 2008-09

Or, cut paper rather. Over the holiday I saw a really impressive exhibition called Slash: Paper Under the Knife at the Museum of Art and Design in Manhattan, a totally great, very digestible museum. You just can’t image all of the techniques that are explored in the show, from stop motion video to sculpture to photographic images that didn’t use a camera.  It’s seriously the kind of show that falls flat online or even in the catalog…it’s a must see in person. And lucky for you it’s up until April, so you have time to make it to New York.

ps…the Braga piece above is made from medical paper inserts found in prescription medications of friends and family.





Image via.


Etching Cream Crafts

December 29, 2009
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Of all art supplies, I find etching cream to be the most magical. Ok, maybe magic is an overstatement, but it certainly packs a big wow. I discovered the stuff a few years ago, and I must say, it’s hard to go wrong, as long as you follow the directions. Here are a few ways to use craft with it…just be sure to wear rubber gloves; it burns when it touches your skin!

Etched Glass Kitchen containers, Martha Stewart

Etched silhouette mirror, Living with Lindsay

Cocktail conversation,

Oh and if you want to try another fool proof frosting technique for larger areas, you can also try Glass Frosting by Krylon.


Embroidery Hoop Crafts

December 27, 2009
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I have a thing for embroidery hoops. They are just round windows of opportunity, priced at next to nothing and often available at yard sales, thrift stores and the like. Here are a few of my fave ideas…

Embroidery Hoop Chalkboard, by Bliss in a Teacup, Etsy $35;

Bulletin board hoops via LushLee.


Suspended from the ceiling…oh my! via Erin Ever After.

My Heart Belongs In…by Moxie Doll, $32, Etsy.