Clothespin Message Magnets

Clothespins are a staple in my craft room. While they work wonders to keep my pretzels from going stale and make for a gorgeous, old-fashioned scene of hanging the white sheets out to dry on a breezy summer day, they are also a super fun craft supply that can be made into a gazillion things.

I made these fun magnet clips for my first book, Project Kid, and they still remain one of my faves. You can find the instructions below, and check out this post for a way to turn them into one of our favorite furry friends!

What you’ll need:

craft materials clothespins


• Fine-tip markers

• Self-adhesive magnets

Large, medium, and small wood circle cutouts

Embroidery thread in the colors of your family members’ hair

• Scissors

Aleene’s® Tacky glue

• Various ribbons

• 1 toothpick

1. Color one side of each clothespin with a marker. Adhere a magnet to the uncolored side of the clothespin.

2. Draw faces on the larger circles for adults, and the medium ones for kids. Glue to the top of the colored side of the clothespin.

3. Create hair by wrapping embroidery thread around your fingers eight to ten times: one finger for a baby’s tuft, three for short hair, and four or more for longer hair. Cut the thread from the skein and twist once in the middle. Glue onto the circle at the point of the twist.

4. To create a necktie, tie a knot in a 1⁄2-inch-wide ribbon, leaving about 2 inches below the knot. Cut the bottom of the ribbon into a V shape. Glue it below the face.

5. To create a neck or hair bow, simply tie a bow with ribbon and glue it to the face.

6. To create a lollipop, draw two swirls of contrasting colors onto a small wood circle. Cut the toothpick to 3⁄4 inch and glue it to the back of the circle. Glue to the face.

March 13, 2020| Activities, Decor, Family Bonding, Older Elementary, Organization, Tween to Teen, Wall Decor, Wood, Yarn & Fabric