Easy Class Valentines

Stores may have been hinting at it for months, but February 1st means its officially time to start thinking about Valentine’s Day! Trust us, you have more than enough time to create A + cards. We’ve collected ten ideas for class valentines that are both easy and enjoyable to make. Whether your child wants to share candy, a toy, or an artistic masterpiece – we’ve got you covered!


The simplest heart stamps ever are waiting in your recycling bin! Project Kid’s very own Amanda made these sweet squares, above, for Parents magazine.


diy valentine, cardboard valentine, winged heart valentine, jumping valentine

Handmade Charlotte‘s charming cardboard cards will cause hearts to flutter! Brads and string are the secret to making the wings work.


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Make the holiday even happier by giving your kids classmates rose-colored glasses. This cereal box upcycle from Pink Stripey Socks is sure to be a hit. (We want a pair of these for ourselves!)


diy envelopes, class valentines, animal valentines, paper valentines

Follow Mermag’s lead and animate envelopes with paper ears and heart noses. Who cares what’s inside when the outside is so cute! (Clearly we love envelope crafts here at Project Kid!)


diy valentines, class valentines, sheep valentines, pom pom valentines

For a 3-D fuzzy friend, add pom-poms to Hello Wonderful‘s sheep printable – the more multicolored the better!


diy valentines, class valentines, pencil valentines, paper flower valentines

A pretty printable option are these paper flowers from The House that Lars Built. After making enough for the class, a bouquet for the teacher will get extra points – especially if they love You’ve Got Mail .


diy valentines, no candy valentines, toy valentines, class valentines

For creative valentines that will inspire future art-making, these mini palettes by our friends at  Super Make It (featured in Parents) are a great option. Your kids will have so much fun splatter painting the labels that it won’t take any time to make enough for the whole class.


punny valentine, diy valentine, kids valentine, class valentine, toy valentine,

A mini maze card is an even quicker way to craft a valentine whose fun will outlast the holiday. Idea via Oh Happy Day.


lollipop valentines, class valentines, cherry valentines,

Out of all the choices for candy cards, we’ve cherry picked this sweet option. Wrap two lollipops in crepe paper to create fruits that are almost too cute to eat. Via The House that Lars Built


diy valentines, candy valentines, class valentines, punny valentines

A stick of rock candy feels so festive that all you need to add is a punny tag to make it the perfect valentines treat. Get the print out from Sugar and Cloth.

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