Inkblot Tote Bags

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In my gazillion years of spreading the joy of crafting, the one statement I hear all the time is I’M NOT CREATIVE. (This is usually from adults, mind you. Not kids.) But if you define the word CREATIVE, it literally means having or showing an ability to make new things or think of new ideas.

inkblot rorschach totes

If you are feeling stuck, whether it’s creatively, emotionally, or even in a challenging work or school project, sometimes the best way to get unstuck is to simply just MAKE SOMETHING. Easier said than done, but if you take away the pressure to be perfect, you might discover something surprising in the process. These easy-to-make inkblot tote bags are the perfect project to help you create something beautiful with super low stakes. 

Rorschach inkblot prints

Our friends at JOANN sell all the materials you need to make these beautiful bags. I suggest buying a few bags and an assortment of paint…you won’t want to stop at just one!


What you’ll need:

Make it:

inkblot Rorschach tote bag diy

1. First put a piece of scrap cardboard inside tote bag to prevent the paint from bleeding through.

inkblot Rorschach tote bag diy

2. Place your plastic sheet, file folder, or cardboard on top of the tote bag. If you are using plastic or cardboard, make a crease in the center. Make a mark on the top edge to show the boundary of where your paint should go. Remember that it will bleed out a little bit once you fold it.

inkblot Rorschach tote bag diy

3. Squirt paint onto one side of the folder or board. Have fun and make a mess! You can be generous with your paint squirts.

inkblot Rorschach tote bag craft steps diy how-to

4. Fold over and press so that the paint transfers to the other side. Open up to see your Rorschach, or inkblot, design!

inkblot Rorschach tote bag diy

5. Flip the design over and lay it on your tote bag. Smooth out to transfer the paint to the bag.

Peel the folder or board off the tote bag and let it dry!

Fun, right? Now you want to make another, don’t you? These prints would look great on t-shirts and aprons too!

Thanks again to JOANN Stores for supporting our creative projects!

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