Outdoor Halloween Fest!

If we got to vote, I’d always raise my hand for Halloween falling on a Monday. I know by October 31st, I will have had my fill of pumpkins, spiderwebs, and bite-size snickers (um, maybe), but right now, we are entering into a week of full-blown Halloween weekend prep, a weekend of parties and costumes, followed by the actual holiday on Monday. I could not be more ready.

If your forecast allows, I say spend either Saturday or Sunday afternoon in a backyard, making as many Halloween decorations and playing as many Halloween themed games as humanly possible (like pumpkin Tic Tac Toe!). Here are some party Ideas from the vault that I shot with photographer Jen Causey and stylist Sarah Conroy, for a since-folded magazine that shall remain nameless. (I love you print magazines!)

1 (Above) Welcome your guests in the proper Halloween fashion…with a spooky message written in eyeballs! Just color black Sharpie circles on solid ping-pong balls and hot-glue them to Styrofoam wreath forms. To make the B, cut out the letter from a 2-inch thick piece of Styrofoam. True story: When I made these letters, I first made two Os to hang on double barn doors. The more I stared at them, to more I saw the word BOO minus the B.

candy pumpkins

2. One for me, one for you. One for me, one for you. I swear that was what these kids were saying as they were gluing candy onto these pumpkins! And I so don’t blame them! Set up a buffet o’ sugar and let the kids go to town. Cute candy cups from my pal Shop Sweet Lulu!

decorate pumpkins with candy

candy buffet halloween


3. What better backyard game is there to play but candy-corn bottle bowling? Create a candy-corn ombre effect on one-liter bottles with white, orange, and yellow spray paint.

Candy corn bowling4. Both Inside and out, these flying bat garlands are pretty awesome. Use an LED light strand to give the bats glowing eyes!

light bat garland

6. Hang plastic laundry baskets laced with rope to create a super fun spider web toss game. Attach thick black pipe cleaners at four places on either side to make it look like a spider dropping down from its tree, spinning a web. Hang a few at different heights and challenge the kids to toss whiffle balls in without them bouncing out. (It’s harder than it looks!)

spider toss halloween backyard game

5. Send your guests on their scary way with a ghost-pinata knock-out. Cover white paper lanterns in strips of white streamers.  Put small paper plate in the bottom of the lantern to prevent the candy from falling out before it’s time!

halloween ghost pinata




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