STEAM Projects for Kids

There it is again…that buzzword, STEAM. Or STEM. In case you haven’t heard of this term, it stands for Science Technology Engineering Art and Math. It basically encompasses all the things that parents want their kids to excel in academically, minus the humanities (still waiting for that acronym).

I crafted these STEAM-inspired projects, invented by some of my fave STEAM experts out there, for Family Fun magazine. For the most part, you’ll likely have most of the materials, but for anything that you don’t have, I’ve included links below!

(Above) This Balance Sculpture by Babble Dabble Do is as beautiful as it is educational. Design yours with lots of colors or keep it monochromatic like this green one.

The fact that Play-doh functions as a conductor of electricity (you’ll need to get this battery pack with leads and LED lights) ranks up there with one of the top five things I’ve learned as a parent. Learn how to make this Electric Play-doh Lightening Bug by Left-Brain Craft Brain

circuits lights bug craft steam stem kids

This Juice Pouch Stomp Rocket by Babble Dabble Do reuses something that I never thought I’d reuse…a juice pouch!

steam stem diy stomp rocket

Your kids will learn words like energy, payload, and catapult when they make this cool Pom-Pom Launcher by Curious Jane.

diy catapult craft project steam stem

These projects are all great at-home STEM projects to engage, entertain, and educate kids all at once!

August 26, 2020| Early Elementary, Everyday Crafts, Older Elementary, STEM, Tween to Teen, Unplugged Time