Train Chalkboard

February 17, 2017
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thomas and friends chalkboard

If your kid is Thomas-the-Train-obsessed, then you know that you can go to the ends of the earth with track before you can satisfy his or her love for all things Sodor.

This chalkboard would be an adorable addition to any kid’s playroom or bedroom!



DIY V-Day Dart Board

February 13, 2017
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Shot through the heart! In a holiday season full of frills, this Valentine’s themed game is on target for both boys and girls. It has all the fun of darts, minus the danger, plus your kids will be too distracted playing to even notice their working on their addition skills.

To make the dartboard and arrows you will need:


  • Felt in red, pink, blue, orange, purple                                                                        (use a 18×18-inch piece for the base & 9 x 12-inch sheets for other colors)
  • Standard scissors (sewing size are helpful too!)
  • 1 large piece of cardboard
  • Pencil
  • Marker
  • Paper straws
  • Styrofoam balls (same amount as straws)
  • Adhesive Velcro dots (5 per arrow)
  • Sparkly tape
  • Tacky glue
  • Rope


1. Fold your base color piece of felt in half and cut out a large heart on the fold.


2. Repeat step one with the rest of your felt colors, using the previous heart as a guideline to cut the next heart slightly smaller. Make sure to leave approximately an inch between colors so there’s plenty of space for the arrows to land!


3. Use a marker to outline numbers 1 through 4 on extra felt from the center heart (in our case orange). Use leftover felt from the second smallest heart to create a 5 for the center heart. Smaller sewing scissors work best for cutting out the numbers.


4. Apply tacky glue to the edge of each heart and attach them in consecutive layers.


5. Use tacky glue to attach the numbers on the top left edge of each heart layer in ascending order with 1 on the outer heart and 5 in the center.


6. Trace your heart onto a piece of cardboard with a pencil and cut it out with scissors. Secure the felt to the cardboard with tacky glue.


7. Cut a few feet of rope and attach to the back of the cardboard with tape.


- and your board is done! To make the arrows:

1. Cover one end of each straw with a 2 inch piece of tape folded in half over the top.


2. Trim the tape into an angled “V” shape and cut small slits on each side to create a feather.


3. Trim each straw to about 5-inches long. To make your arrow tip, insert the straw into the center of a styrofoam ball and secure with tacky glue.


4. Finally, stick five scratchy (not soft) halves of circular velcro around the styrofoam ball to help increase the likelihood of little hands making their target.





DIY Photo Gifts

February 1, 2017
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photo mobile diy valentines day

On Valentine’s Day what do conversation hearts, cards, and flower bouquets have in common? Give up? They all disappear…the candy gets eaten, the cards get recycled, and the flowers wilt. I ask you this: why are we showing our affection with gifts that have zero staying power?

Obviously I believe that a homemade gift tops the charts, and Valentine’s Day is certainly no exception. I bet if you took a survey, asking what the most personal gift could possibly be, the vast majority will agree on photographs. This Valentine’s Day, I’ve partnered with Nations Photo Lab to show you two clever ways to combine photographs and crafting to get your kids involved in making meaningful, heartfelt Valentine gifts with affordable photo prints.

kid made photo gift valentines day

Free your pics from your memory card and phone to craft these simple but stylish Valentine’s gifts for the special people in your family’s life!


photo wall hanging diy valentine gift

This mobile takes about ten minutes to make, but can last forever. Cut the strings as long as you’d like to hold as many photos as you want! Since the photographs are not glued, your giftee can switch them out for new ones when the mood strikes.

What you’ll need:


  • Photographic prints (you can choose from a variety of finishes; I chose glossy)
  • Skewer
  • Scissors
  • Colorful and natural beads
  • Twine
  • Mini clothespins
  • Tacky glue


1. Trim the point off of the skewer.

MOBILE-12. Tie the twine to one end of the skewer and add a dot of glue to keep it in place.


3. Slip the beads (in a pattern or at random!) over the skewer.


4. Cut the twine about 12-inches long, and tie the end to the other end of the skewer; add another dot of glue.


5. Cut pieces of twine, ranging in length from 10 inches and longer, tie beads to one end securing with a knot, and tie in between the beads on the skewer.


6. Trim photos if necessary, and clip them to the strings using mini clothespins.






word art valentines day photo frame

You can use this technique to write out someone’s name, or even to make a series of heart-shaped frames. The “O” in love makes the perfect spot for the perfect picture!

What you’ll need:


  • Sturdy, but pliable wire
  • Wire cutters
  • Paper straws
  • Scissors
  • Photograph
  • Marker or pen
  • Mini glue dots


1. Cut about 7 to 8 straws into 1/4-inch beads.


2. Cut a 36-inch piece of wire (better to have too much than not enough at this stage) and fold over one end, creating a stopper. String on the paper straw beads until you fill the wire. Fold the wire over the last bead to create a stopper.


3. Bend the wire into the script word “love.” (Don’t worry if you mess up…the straw pieces will hide any kinks in the wire so it’s okay to undo what’s not working.)


4. Lay your photo under the “O” and trace the circle onto the photo.


5. Cut inside the line that you drew, and measure it to make sure it’s fitting perfectly behind the letter. Trim off edges when needed.


6. Use mini glue dots around the periphery of the photos, and carefully stick the photo in place on the back of the “O.” You can stand the frame up on the edge of a shelf or dresser, or tie string to the “L” and “E” to hang.




This post was lovingly sponsored by Nations Photo Lab.


My Punny Valentine

January 18, 2017
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pop corn valentine

If you are ever in need of a laugh, a quick google search for “vintage valentines” brings up more weird and wacky cards than you would think possible. I’d love to know who bought them back in the day! Inspired by these funny throwbacks, I’ve gathered a collection of crafts that are light on the candy and heavy on the humor. Pardon the puns in advance!


Gem of a Friend

Diamond-shaped ring pops will make kids feel just as special as if they were receiving the real thing! Let your kids show their classmates how much they shine with this idea from Bloom Design.


noodle necklace

The Alison Show came up with a wearable valentine that’s as fun to make as it is to give – plus the painting and stringing are a great way to help develop your toddler’s motor skills.


knot valentine

This classic piece of kid jewelry brings some summertime magic into chilly February.  Dandee shares the simple instructions and free printable so that every kid can be part of the club.


fruity valentines

Say Yes’s clever fruit captions will have the whole class feeling peachy. Dollar store fruit never looked so delicious!



“Will zoo be mine?” – it’s tough to ask without getting the giggles! The circus animals, stamped letters, and felt heart give these valentines from The Blue Robin Cottage an irresistibly timeless look.



These “amaze”ing valentines from Frog Prince Paperie will find their way into the hearts of your kids classmates – while giving them an outlet for all their sugar rush energy. You can buy the heart mazes here.



I’m a sucker for all things miniature, especially when they’re functional! These pocket-sized watercolor sets are a fun way to spark creativity. Get the cute printable from Armelle.



This toothy heart from All for the Boys might have sharp chompers, but it’s also perfect for delivering a sweet kiss.


nose valentine

This valentine from Love and Lion is sure snot to disappoint….(sorry I couldn’t help it). Luckily the only thing that will be coming out of this nose is pencil shavings.



Finally, this cute card from Paging Super Mom will help your kids express their feelings, rather than erase them!

Vintage popcorn valentine image via Vintage Holiday Crafts