11 Brilliant Borax Uses

April 4, 2017
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diy borax geode jewelry box

Like most of the internet, we haven’t been able to escape the recent slime craze. After trying out all sorts of slime recipes (which include everything from shampoo to yogurt) we came to the clear conclusion that Borax is the magic slime ingredient. But when you reach your slime limit before the box is through, what is there to do with the extra Borax? A lot actually! Borax is just as handy for making nontoxic cleaners as it is for crafting pretty crystals. Instead of leaving it in the back of your cupboard, get inspired by all the wonders it can work.

1. Borax can be used to create a super realistic geode that’s the perfect topper for a jewelry box. Though it was designed as a stylish DIY friend gift—you might just want to keep it for yourself.

rose bouquets diy flower drying                                                  (image via Style Me Pretty)

2. Allow flowers to have eternal life with a mixture of borax and cornmeal. Maybe the Beast wouldn’t have been in such a pickle if he’d followed these simple instructions from 20 Mule Team

diy glitter bouncy ball borax 3. Give those toys from the quarter machine a run (or bounce) for their money with homemade glitter bouncy balls. Hello Wonderful shows you how to conduct this cool “science experiment” that your kids will want to make over and over.

DIY Borax Crystal pipe cleaner stars

DIY completed Borax rainbow crystal stars4. Creating crystals has a similar science-experiment appeal and can be used with all sorts of fun shapes. One Little Project turns colorful pipe cleaners into rainbow stars, but you could also make hearts, snowflakes, or even words. Another more organic option is to use crystals to cover natural materials like stones, or  seashells for a sparkly snowfall effect.

DIY colorblock crayon candles5. If you’re someone who likes making homemade candles, creating wicks using Borax will help them burn longer with less smoke and ash. Latitudes 21 shares an infographic with the how-to, along with other Borax ideas.  To craft the color-block candles shown above, check out the DIY from Brit + Co—it uses crayons!

flower foot bath                                                  (image via The Motherhood)

6. One of Borax’s useful properties is that it works as an anti-fungal and can actually be found in store-bought Foot Soap Soaks, such as Johnson’s. Leaf shares an easy recipe for a sweet smelling foot bath.  

DIY non toxic goo gone                                                            (image via Pop Sugar)

7. A sticky label that won’t budge is an annoyance that can easily take up more time than it’s worth. With a few drops of vegetable oil, borax will leave a formally gummy surface crystal clear. Find the recipe over on Creative Homemaking.

blue patterned china plates and cups

(image via Veranda Magazine)

8. For china that has lost its shine, a soak in Borax will bring back its luster—no scrubbing necessary. DIY & Crafts shares the how to. 

diy homemade all purpose borax cleaner

9. Borax works wonders as an all purpose cleaner—there isn’t a stain that scares it! Mix up a lemon scented batch from this Pop Sugar recipe and use it to fight grime.

DIY floam with borax

10. For an alternative to slime that’s less slippery and more sculptural, try floam. Parenting Chaos walks you through the steps that little hands will love helping with.

DIY cleaning slime with borax

11. Finally, if your heart is still set on making slime, at least make a version that’s useful! Those hard to clean cracks in your keyboard are no match for cleaning slime. Solution Insider  shows you how. 


Easter Wish List

March 30, 2017
Decor, Easter, Spring, Styling

easter holiday shopping guide

For the past month we’ve been up to our elbows in Easter crafts but with the holiday still two weeks away it was time to take a momentary break. It’s easy to get carried away with all of the egg decorating and basket filling but you don’t have to DIY everything! We’ve gathered an Easter wish list of holiday clothes and decor to compliment your crafts. Take some of the pressure off with easy ways to add festiveness from the night before, to Easter morning, through lunch and the egg hunt.

1. Your little one can start celebrating Easter eve with these adorable bunny pajamas by Vaenait Baby from Amazon.

2. The Victoria Embroidered Dress and Birdsville Buttoned Shirt, both from Tea Collection, are festive without being fussy. Click here to get 25% off girls’ clothes, and here for 25% off boys’ clothes!

3. No Easter outfit is complete without a pair of bunny ears. Boo and Bear Baby makes this stylish version which fits both kids and adults – which is lucky since you’ll probably want your own.

4. We can’t guarantee it, but your kids might actually be encouraged to eat their veggies on this pretty pink bunny dish set from The Land of Nod. #rabbitfood

5. Frooted Design’s table runner for Minted feels like bringing a spring meadow to your table – with all of the color and none of the bugs.

6. There is something so fun about fancy plastic cutlery and Oh Happy Day’s version is the perfect shade of Easter pink.

7. Meri Meri’s bobbly balloon bunnies are cute enough that you’ll want to make room at the table for these four extra guests.

8. No matter how you hold it, there’s no good way to decorate around an Easter egg. Flying Tiger comes to the rescue with a handy egg painter that even includes a palette.

9. Give your little treasure hunters a gentle nudge in the right direction with Meri Meri’s Egg Hunt Kit.

10. Paper Source’s surprise carrots would look sweet at place settings or could be hidden along with Easter eggs since they each include a prize!  

11. Usually with toys the tinier the cuter, but this giant fuzzy chick ups the cuteness factor exponentially. I can imagine him as a cheery piece of table decor or maybe perched on the mantle.

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Bunny Family Magnets

March 30, 2017
Animals, Easter, Everyday Crafts, Holidays, Spring

Easter bunny magnet craft

Add some Easter charm to a family portrait by turning everyone into bunnies!! These magnetic clips are as useful as they are cute—whether they’re holding grocery lists, post cards, or doodles. Add familial characteristics like glasses, freckles, or mustaches to make them even more fun!

What you’ll need:

  • clothespins
  • round wooden shapes
  • two teardrop wooden shapes
  • colored cardstocksci
  • hole punch
  • tacky glue
  • black marker/felt tip pen
  • magnet

Make it!

1. Trace teardrop shapes onto colored paper —one color for each set of ears—and cut out. Trim down paper to fit within wooden shape and attach with tacky glue. Repeat for other two pairs.

2. Use the black marker to draw faces on each of the round shapes. You can stick with simple features or add defining characteristics—glasses, freckles etc.

3. Glue the sets of ears onto the back of each corresponding bunny head.

4. Glue the head to the top of the clothespin – regular sized for the parents and smaller size for the kid(s)!

5. Create simple accessories by cutting out triangle for a hair bow or bow tie and use a hole punch circle for the center.

6. Make mom’s necklace with three hole punch circles and her flower with six circles. Attach accessories with tacky glue.

7. Glue a magnet to the back of each clothespin and let fully dry before arranging the family portrait on the fridge.


DIY Easter Basket

March 22, 2017
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easy to make kids easter basket

If you ask me, Easter baskets are so much better than Christmas stockings, Valentine boxes, or Halloween trick-or-treat bags. First, you’ve got the colors. When it comes to Easter, all the pastels are fair game—pinks, greens, purples—and the light, bright hues help to stir us from our dreary winter woes. Next, and probably most important, is the cute factor: Everything gets more adorable when you put a bunny on it.

This no-sew felt Easter basket is super easy to make, and you can customize its size with practically zero effort—simply adjust the diameter of the base to scale it up or down.


I made this cute basket for the Etsy blog, so hop on over there (pun intended) to get all of the detailed photos and instructions!

easter bunny basket made from felt diy


diy felt easter basket for kids


11 April Fool’s Jokes

March 19, 2017

worms in cereal april fools prank

April is only a few weeks away, which means it’s time to start planning for the first of the month…April Fools Day! The sooner you start, the more pranks you’ll be able to fit in. We’ve gathered up some of our favorite tricks for the whole family, because even though it’s fun to be the prankster, helping your kids prank each other, their friends, and of course Dad, is even better!


Cereal is the most classic of breakfast pranking materials. Parents Magazine suggests serving up the way too real looking worms (above). Freeze your kid’s cereal to guarantee confusion, or create morning magic by putting food coloring at the bottom of the bowl and watching the milk change color when it’s poured in.


mini lunch april fools

Oh Happy’s Day mini lunch is so perfectly petite it’ll be a shame to miss seeing your kids reaction when they open it. Just make sure to pack a regular sized meal too!


chocolate grape april fools

Chocolate for an after-school snack might seem too good to be true – because it is! Love Wednesday takes advantage of perfectly sized Easter egg candy wrappers to disguise grapes.


marker mustache april fools

You look so mature this morning! Age kids overnight by drawing on a mustache with a washable marker while they’re sleeping. The shock when they look in the mirror will lead to serious giggles. (Image via)


shrunken clothes april fools prank

Another way to simulate an overnight growth spurt is to switch your kids clothes out for a smaller size – or old clothes they’ve grown out of. Today’s Parent suggests stuffing toilet paper in the toes of their shoes to take the effect one step further. (Image via)


googly eyed april fools food

Perfect for the kid who likes to be the center of attention. Any household item becomes an audience member once you add a pair of googly eyes. (via Oh Happy Day)


fake ice cream spill april fools

Help your kids make this super realistic ice cream spill from Studio DIY. Set it up on Dad’s laptop and try to act casual…. 


brown -e's april fools prank

“Want some Brown-E’s Dad?” This idea from Jacks & Kate is another fun trick for the kids to get in on. Completely fair payback for all of those awful dad puns, right? If you’re feeling generous, make a real batch of brownies to share post joke. 


taped remote april fools prank

One more idea for Dear Old Dad. For this prank from Pen n’ Paper Flowers, all you need is a small piece of tape. Cover up the sensor on the remote and watch Dad’s confusion as the TV refuses to cooperate. Be “helpful” by offering a new set of batteries.


fake cast april fools

Your kids will get a kick out of tricking their friends with a pretend cast. For even more fun, help them come up with a crazy story about how they broke their bone. Parents shares the how to.


French Fish Game April Fools

Talk to your kids about celebrating holidays in different cultures while crafting Handmade Charlotte’s French fools fish game. Help them make a bunch of fish to tape to their friends backs for a silly surprise.