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An Owl Light

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Screen shot 2011-05-20 at 1.02.17 PM
I’m sitting at my desk, next to a bag full of brochures, business cards, and line sheets from both the Stationery Show and the ICFF. So just to wet your appetite with all the goodies that I will be reporting on in the coming week, I’ll pick the first thing that hits my fingertips to share with you. And it’s an owl lamp.

This moody light by Contra Forma is playful and elegant at the same time. It would work in a kid’s space or any other for that matter.

I wonder where that wallpaper is from?

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Hot Air Balloon Crafts

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hot air balloon craft
I saw this hot air balloon craft by Curly Birds on B-Kids, and it inspired me to look for more!

hot air balloon craft   hot air balloon craft
I love the idea of upcycling light bulbs or drink bottles into hot air balloons. These artful creations are by Souther Salazar. Found via What Possessed Me.

hot air balloon craft

I love this paper folding technique and it works so well for this hot air balloon mobile. Made by Brown Accents.

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Butcher Paper Gift Wrap

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I know we just passed Mother’s Day and there really is no gift-giving holiday in the very near future, but I thought these wrapping ideas all using butcher paper were post-worthy.


Just brown paper or boxes and yarn. Gorgeous and amazing. Found on Oh Happy Day; from More Last-Minute Knitted Gifts via Melanie Falick Books


Love confetti; hate the mess. But if I got a gift wrapped like this, I’m not sure I’d even open it. From Tokketok.


Use a date stamp to make a graphic pattern on solid paper. I love the thought of stamping someone’s birthday all over their package. Visit Paper, Plate, and Plane for more photos and instructions. (Colored ink might give it more pizzazz. Just sayin’.)

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Oliver’s Nursery

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Here is the ultimate intersection of work and life…Oliver’s nursery in the June issue of Parents magazine! Take a look and visit for more photos and craft instructions. (Caravan Crib from Kalon Studios, Mountain Wallpaper from Fine Little Day, El Shelves from CB2, Blue Nesting Tables from Areaware)


His curtains may be my favorite thing in the room. The fabric is from Ikea and I made the straps with belt material, overall buckles, and buttons.

I can’t focus on much else besides Oliver in this pic! The drawer pulls are vintage wooden yoyos and the mobile is made out of paper punched circles and an embroidery hoop. (Flash Cards from 3 Potato 4)

His rug is by Flor…they actually sell a kit where you cut the squares to form a bear skin rug. Check out the video of me and Michael (with Oliver as spectator) “cutting the rug!” (Settee from Urban Outfitters, Green side table from West Elm, Elephant lamp and mushrooms from Acorn)

I turned a trashed school chair into a smiley monkey for when he gets a little bigger. You can download the templates for the chair here.


I bravely tackled making my own version of this yarn light fixture. It was a process to say the least, but I love it!

My mom and her friends from the Cast-On Cottage in Atlanta (a knitting and needlepoint store) knitted this awesome pennant for us. (Owl Pouch from Giddy Giddy)

These pillows from Vintage Jane (on Etsy) sit on the little settee next to Oliver’s crib. I call them “his friends.” He smiles at them when I dry him off after bathtime. (Get this…they are only $22!!)

Photographs by the amazing Heather Weston. Check out her 52 Families project!

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A Crumpled Map

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Have you ever found yourself on a street corner or in a car trying desperately to refold a map, bending it this way, then that, accordian folding, then just shoving it closed? And days later, you end up with a hole in the center on the seam. Nice.

This map is the best invention ever! All you do is crumple/shove/stuff it in your bag or pocket and keep moving. It looks like its made from Tyvek-like material. Oh yeah, and it’s totally waterproof.

Visit Palomar to buy. Found via All the Beautiful Things I Want.

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