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Pipe Cleaners or Chenille Stems?

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Ok dear readers, I need some advice! What do you call these? Pipe Cleaners or chenille stems? The copy editors at Artisan Books is not familiar with the latter, but at Parents mag, that was the p.c. way to go.
Yes, I was raised with pipe cleaners and I’m not worried that my kids will start smoking if they craft with them, but I want to use the term in my book that most people use nowadays.
I beg you…leave a comment, email me, tweet me your response!

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Let’s Blog!

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Ok, before diving straight into a new post about something lovely, creative, and amazing, I want to just recap the last 2 (or so) months of silence. What may seem like a “vacation” or “break” was nothing of the sort. Here’s a quick synopsis…

  • 7-day (straight) photoshoot for my book
  • 2 days later, I flew to Hilton Head with my husband, kids, and husband’s family
  • While in HH, I wrote the text for my book
  • Wrote and shot this story for Mom.me while in HH
  • 7 days later, drove to Atlanta from HH to extend the family visit
  • Continued to write book
  • Returned to NY and went to Alt Summit NYC 3 days later (more on that soon!)
  • 4 days later, another 4-day photo shoot to shoot the how-to’s for my book (on the last day we shot 96 pics!)
  • The next day I flew to Denver for the most beautiful wedding of our dear friends Kate & Joel (more on that soon)
  • The day after I returned from Denver, I had to turn in my completed manuscript

And now, 2 weeks later, I’m resuming my blog posts! I’m so excited to be blogging again…I have so much to catch up on!

{The photos are all from my photoshoot!}

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