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Super Bowl DIY Banner

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Do you care more about planning the Super Bowl party than the game itself? (Insert fist bump here) This easy garland uses just tape and numbers so after the football game, pull them off and reuse for a spring garden party!

Pop over to Michaels to get a set of canvas fishtail banners! (And if you don’t have these, just cut green paper!)

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Super Bowl Sandwich Stadium: The Making of

| Food, Parties


I truly never, ever thought that, in either my work or personal life, I would get to (or have to) make a stadium out of sandwiches. In fact, I think that before I was hired to do this, I had no idea that this was even a thing. But it is. Big time.

Last year, I was asked by an advertising agency to produce this insane Super Bowl buffet for a Skittles campaign pitch. The direction was to “Skitt-ify” the scene, which, if you’ve seen Skittles ads, you know that they are wack-a-do.

So if you’ve ever had a hankering to make a sandwich football stadium, just watch this over and over and over!

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