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Honeycomb Easter Crafts

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I’m a little obsessed with honeycomb paper. It wasn’t until about last year that I learned that you could actually buy the paper and cut any shapes you want. It a little bit turned my world upside down. Easter has a history of using honeycomb paper in its decor…maybe because it is so delicate and sweet. Like spring flower petals.

Here are 3 Easter icons that you can make so easily with this awesome material (you can buy it at Devra Party). Happy Spring everyone!


cute easter egg project kid










  1. Cut two half egg shapes, about 2 inches tall, from the straight edge of the honeycomb paper (make sure the lines of the paper are always running horizontally). Cut the bottom edge straight across so that your egg can stand.
  2. Use glue dots or a tape runner to attach to sides of the egg together.
  3. Cut a piece of rick rack that will wrap around the egg. Use glue dots to attach it to the back of the egg.



honeycomb easter bunny project kid










  1. Cut a template that looks like an uppercase B. Trace it twice onto the honeycomb paper and cut both out. A good size for the height is about 2 to 3 inches tall.
  2. Glue both flat sides together to make a 3D shape with glue dots or a tape runner.
  3. Cut ears from crepe paper—one outer ear and one inner ear. Glue to the top of the bunny’s head.
  4. Glue black eyes in place and a pale nose. I used small brads for the eyes and a small wooden bead for the nose. Glue a small white pompom to the bum.



chicks honeycomb project kid easter










  1. Cut two 1-inch tall 1/2 egg shape from the yellow honeycomb paper.
  2. Glue the two sides together with glue dots or a tape runner.
  3. Glue a small feather puff into the top of each head.
  4. Glue small wooden beads as eyes and a piece of orange tissue paper as the beak.

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Pin Collection Pin Board

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As any accessories lover knows, once you start collecting enamel pins, it’s nearly impossible to stop. But when your collection outgrows the lapel of your denim jacket, it’s a shame not to find another way to show them off.

This DIY solution is easy to execute and offers endless possibilities for customization: Choose a frame size that fits your collection, and a paint color that suits your style.

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