Best Quarantine Craft Ideas for Kids

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I think we are all moving through this scary, confusing time with so many questions. How will the coronavirus pandemic affect me and my kids? Will my kids get sick? And what am I going to do with my kids all day long indefinitely if schools are closed because of Covid-19? This is a legit concern, and while I’m not a doctor here to dispense any knowledge on the reality that upon us, I can speak to that indefinite stretch of time that you may see ahead of you with your kids at home due to school closings.

Ok, so first, you need to have supplies on hand (and I’m not talking hand-sanitizer—though you should have that too). Start there. I’ve made this nifty Amazon list of materials that are open-ended enough to give your kids so many options for crafting. You can check out this post for different ways to use those materials, for the ones that might feel a little more mysterious to you.

Here are some of my favorite projects that will keep your kids busy and unplugged during all of this open-ended time at home!

Stuffed Animal Superhero Cape

I think my kids might choose their stuffed animals over their actual parents in a true emergency. They love and revere these stuffed creatures beyond imagination. Grab for that felt, ribbon, and Aleene’s® Fabric Fusion (I love the pen version for kids!) to make these precious super-hero capes for their favorite furry friends. Decorate with pompoms, rhinestones, buttons, or whatever you have on hand.

Marbleized Paper

Making marbleized paper with shaving cream and food coloring is addictive (I swear you’ll find yourself wanting a tray all to yourself to make notecards and gift-tags!). Spread shaving cream  evenly on a plate (for small projects) or cookie sheet (for large projects) and drop a few dots of food coloring around the surface of the shaving cream. Use a toothpick to swirl the color around, and then press the paper onto the shaving cream. Visit the original post for more detailed instructions.

BFF Rainbow Necklace

I love this project (and this pic of my daughter) so much! This easy craft is made just from felt and string. And truly, you could do any design and just cut it in half to make a BFF necklace!

No-Sew Scrunchie

Nothing makes me happier than the return of the 90s scrunchie craze! You can make your own with a skinny strip of fabric and some of this amazing Fabric Fuse tape. (I’m loving this fruit-inspired fabric bundle!)

DIY Cork Bulletin Boards

These DIY bulletin boards are super fun to make! We chose three designs that all had pointy surfaces, but you could really make any shape! Start with cork squares and cut them into any shape your heart desires! Acrylic paint works really to cover the brown and get into the nooks and crannies of the surface of your bulletin board.

Honestly, you will not regret getting a craft supply reserve going! It allows your kids to experiment and play…and maybe you’ll discover some of your own creative gifts at the same time! Click here to find my favorite (and sometimes totally weird) craft supply faves!

This post contains affiliate links.

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