Turn Gloves into Monsters

April 12, 2021
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glove monster craft stuffed animal diy

Now that winter is over and spring cleaning is upon us, you likely have some lone gloves who lost their mate in the last sledding excursion of 2021. You have three options here…first, you can hold onto that glove, hoping that one day the other will magically reappear. Second, you might be the “out of sight, out of mind” type and you just get rid of the sad lone glove. And third, if you are like me, you’ll keep it and turn it into a fun craft.

The how-to for this recent project can be found over on Camp.com! And for other ideas of past glove monsters, check out this post from a few years back!glove monster craft for kids


DIY Cardboard Pennants

March 23, 2021
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diy paper pennants

There are so many more fun things to celebrate than school, so why do we reserve these rah-rah pennants for school spirit? Come up with a list of things that your kids loves and make some wall signs to cheer them on! Need suggestions?

  • Bacon
  • Cake
  • Sleep (Maybe for the parents’ room!)
  • Glitter
  • Youtube
  • Ramen
  • Legos
  • Beach
  • Roblox
  • Rainbows

Check out this super cute and easy upcycled project that I did for Camp.com! They are made from materials that you likely have around the house, including cardboard! Head on over to their site for the full how-to!

Goooooo WIFI!!


Valentine’s Day Candy Holder

February 4, 2021
Everyday Crafts, Holidays, Valentine's Day

diy valentines candy tube

Be a sweetie and give candy to your close friends and family for Valentine’s Day! This project is so easy and uses materials that you likely have around the house.

What you’ll need:

  • Cardboard tube (toilet paper or paper towel)
  • Construction / colored paper
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Clear tape
  • Plastic wrap or plastic sandwich baggie
  • String, yarn, or twine
  1. Line the cardboard tube along the bottom shorter edge of your paper, and mark the opposite end with a pencil. Move the tube across the paper and make several marks. (If you are using a paper towel tube, cut it in half first.)diy valentines candy tube
  2. Cut along this line and set other piece of paper aside for a future project. diy valentines candy tube
  3. Roll the cardboard tube with the paper and tape to seal. Set your tube aside for now.diy valentines candy tube
  4. Fold second piece of paper in half lengthwise and rest the tube in the middle. Make a pencil mark on the second piece of paper on the top and bottom of the tube, right along the crease.diy valentines candy tube
  5. Draw half hearts along the fold.diy valentines candy tube
  6. Cut out the hearts.diy valentines candy tube
  7. Fringe the top and bottom edges of the paper to the marked line. Don’t go past this line. The thinner the fringe the better!diy valentines candy tube
  8. Cut off about 1 inch of the paper on either end (You can do this before step 7 but we forgot!). diy valentines candy tube
  9. Unfold the paper.diy valentines candy tube
  10. Tape the second piece of paper around the tube, making sure to center the tube from top to bottom. You can use the marks you made in step 4 to line it up. diy valentines candy tube
  11. Now fill your tube with candy, chocolates, toys, etc! We recommend putting unwrapped candy in a plastic baggie or in plastic wrap.
  12. Gently bend the fringed ends over the edge of the tube all the way around. Repeat on the other end.diy valentines candy tube
  13. Cut two 3″ pieces of string and tie them around the fringed ends. diy valentines candy tube
  14. Tape the ends of the string to the back of the tube to prevent them from sliding off. diy valentines candy tube
  15. Holding a fringe between your thumbnail and the pad of your middle finger, gently pull at a few strands of paper to curl.diy valentines candy tube

diy valentines candy tube


Valentine Gift Guide for Your Littles

February 2, 2021
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Valentine's Day Gift Guide for kids 2021

Remember Valentine’s Day as a kid, actually in a school building? You’d spend evenings leading up crafting Valentines, deciding which people get signed “love” and which get “from.” This year, like most things, is looking a little different than norm, and Valentine’s Day is no exception. Most kids will miss out on sifting through their classroom mailboxes, anxiously anticipating the candy, toys, and treats attached to their Valentines.

Surprise the kiddos with a little something from you on February 14th this year! Here are 14 ideas for Valentine’s Days gifts for kids of all ages!

  1. I Heart Art Crayons
  2. Recycled Foam Heart Figure Set
  3. Love Languages T-shirt
  4. Happy Hearts Mini Pin DIY Kit
  5. The Dough Much Love Bundle
  6. Ooly Stacking Heart Crayons
  7. Chalkboard Heart Necklace
  8. Emoji Embrace Valentines Day Cards
  9. Rainbow Wooden Heart Clips
  10. Custom Letter Cookie Stamp
  11. Hearts Tamsin Kids Chair
  12. Valentine’s Day Yoda
  13. Rainbow Heart Bead Hair Ties
  14. I Heart Watercolor by Kid Made Modern

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DIY New York City Snow Globe

December 23, 2020
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diy dry snow globe craft new york city skyline

Traditional snow globes are super fun to make but they require a lot of ingredients…plus the process can be pretty messy. And what if it springs a leak? Yuck.

Instead of the traditional glittery globes, try making a dry snow globe using a plastic cup, cereal box, and tissue paper. It’s truly a parents’ dream craft.

diy snow globe nyc craft project kids

This craft was made in conjunction with the Museum of the City of New York, an extraordinary  institution that celebrates all of the diversity, excitement, and wonder that is the greatest city in the world.

Click the link to watch this video and the two other winter boredom busters that we made!