Time for Paper Flowers

January 24, 2010
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I love getting flowers. Any kind, really; I can even relish in a cheap grocery store bouquet. (The trick is to take it apart and make separate little bunches—just ditch the baby's breath.)

I'm always trying to invent a new way to make paper flowers. Here are some lovely examples…

Paper flower garden

From Maya*Made (one of my fave blogs)…she used shredder scissors.


I love these quilled flowers from Garden Party.


Flowers made from sewing patterns found at Polka Dot Rabbit. For real!


And lastly, from one of my favorite magazines, Parents (wink, wink), here are flowers made from catalogs and magazines. Blair Stocker from Wise Craft is the genius crafter behind these.

What's better than a flower that doesn't wilt?


Time for Haiti Relief

January 23, 2010
Everyday Crafts

Ch_haitiEveryone is doing a part to help the devastating situation in Haiti, even the craft community. Visit the Craft Hope store on Etsy to purchase lovely handmade items. All proceeds will benefit Doctors Without Borders in Haiti.

As of January 20, 2010, they have sold over 1,000 items and raised over $20,000. Amazing.

For more information visit Crafthope.com.


Time for Frank Lloyd Wright

January 23, 2010

974097_095_b   974098_095_b

…and Legos. Ok, I realized this is my second Lego post—I guess that proves that a classic can continue to reinvent itself. Lego has produced the Guggenheim and Falling Water—neither for the faint of Lego. I actually grew up in an Atlanta house designed by one of FLW's apprentices, Robert Greene—I wonder if I could build it out of Legos? Might be worth a try, on the next rainy Sunday.

Found via.


Time for Awesome Things

January 20, 2010

37_atari-joysticknew   37_qu


Apparently I'm a little late to this, but I just found this blog, 1000 Awesome Things, which apparently is also a book which apparently everyone else knows about. (I say this because the site is nearing 10 million hits, won a Webby award, and have been covered by every major news outlet. But still, yes, new to me.)

When I logged on, the most recent post on the site made me say in my head "yes. yes, that really is awesome." Number 587 in the list of 1000 Awesome Things: Taking your ponytail out. Guys, unless you have long hair, you really don't know how freeing this can be. Ladies, you're with me, right?

The drawings above are by Monsieur Cabinet. I'm not sure if he was commissioned to make them or if he just felt moved to do so, but they illustrate what I assume are his favorite Awesome Things. Here are 3 of my faves.  (Especially the Q and the U luck.)

#602 Setting the new high score on a video game

#990 Picking up a Q and a U at the same time in Scrabble

#796 The sound of rain from inside a tent

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Time for the Number 100

January 19, 2010
Everyday Crafts


Last night my 6 year old niece Grey called me for help with a school project. The assignment was to collect 100 of something, anything, and then assemble it somehow, anyhow. I'm tickled/touched/honored that I'm the g0-to reference for my nieces and nephews when it comes to crafts.

After talking her out of gluing 100 M&Ms to a piece of poster board, we settled on a mosaic of sorts, made from fragments of magazine pages. So Grey cut 100 slivers and grouped them by color to form a rainbow. This is Grey at work…


Grey's project came just one day after I found this blog called A Collection A Day, 2010, where the writer is posting a collection, either a photo or a drawing, every day in the year 2010. As an obsessive collector myself (owls, antique compacts, vintage tags), I'm totally obsessed with her pursuit. The photo of clothespin above, is from Day 6.