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Time for Boutonnieres

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It's one of my favorite words, ever since I learned it heard it from my sister before her 11th grade prom. And I happen to love a teeny creative lapel bouquets (floral or not). If you want to think beyond the carnation and baby's breath for your wedding (or prom!), take a look…


How much do you love these Coney Island inspired bouts by Drinking Stars? Found via Ruffled.



Congrats to Design Mom who had her sweet baby June on Mother's Day! These adorable fabric boutonnieres were made for her baby shower.


I also love the word bespoke, and I heart Fritts Rosenow Bespoke Boutonnieres found via Ruby Press.  


I adore this totally simple stick, leaf, and lace one made by Maya Made


My handsome husband putting on his bundle of nature boutonniere by Saipua. Photo by Heather Weston.



100 Layer Cake featured these two amazing designers: Dried flowers by Twigs and Honey, and felt poof flowers by Emerson Made. (Handsome dude not included.)

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Time for Gratitude

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Yesterday was a big day of thank you's…thanks for always having a tissue, thanks for always having chewing gum, thanks for always having patience (for mom, in case you didn't figure that out). Here are a few more ways to say gracias in case you ran out.


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You can buy a kit to make these sweet cards. By Martha Stewart, of course. 




It's healthy to be grateful for everything in life. Leah Dieterich's mother taught her to write thank you notes, so she started a blog where she writes thank-you notes to everything. Really, everything. Found via A Cup of Jo.


Awesome thank you bag by Happy Family.


I agree—doilies say thank you on any occasion. These adorable notecards are by my friend Amanda, also know as Twee Cards. Take a look at her cute Etsy store!

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Time for Award Ribbons

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Mother's Day is fast approaching (it's seriously early this year), and if you are in need of a quirky little craft, here's one of my faves. It multi-tasks as a card and jewelry!


How about Orange hid these around her house for her husband to find. So sweet. (Visit her post for an easy to follow tutorial.)


Totally sweet from Urban Comfort. (Yes, those are made from adorable cupcake liners!)


Award ribbon die cuts from Cosmo Craze on Etsy. (Only $1.49 for 8!)


This would be your prize if you won an Etsy contest of some sort! Found via Visual Notes

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Time for Lined Paper

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I have such a thing for lined paper…graph, handwriting, or just the traditional notebook paper. In fact, I have a whole drawer of vintage ledger papers that I've collected over the years. Still looking for something to do with them…any ideas?



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Sometimes a hand written note is just not enough. It needs to be hand stitched. From the top: You can buy this at Twine; by Dash of Magic and seen on Feeling Stitchy; stitched hemp by Pi'lo; woven on a loom by Carson Elaine


Notebook paper socks from Sock Theory.


The memo series from Fishes Eddy. So cute for a graduation party!


A notebook made of different kinds of notebook paper. Love! By Your Secret Admiral.

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Time for Spring Showers

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I'm seriously hoping that it's time for the flowers. But raindrops are a darn cute design motif, don't you think?



A cute wall decor for a bathroom, right? Found on Seesaw Designs. Design by Chroma Lab


A sweet rainy day craft activity found on Say Yes to Hoboken.


How fun would it be to style these photos like this one? Check out the others on Vintage for Kids


I love the simplicity of design here. And the slightly offbeat color scheme. By Priss Designs.


Is there anything better than a sewn paper garland? By Kate Greiner


I love paintings on old book pages. This was made on an old French dictionary. By Wall Envy Art.

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Time for Knitted Nature

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This is possibly the most random post subject ever, but once I saw the images from Jan Messent's Knitted Gardens (found on Vintage for Kids) I went on a search for more knitted flora and fauna.



It's like a little garden for a dollhouse. So beyond amazing!


I may need to get my mom (she's a knitter) started on this project stat! From Wary Meyers, from the 1978 book, the Needleworker's Constant Companion.



These knitted flower sculptures by Tatyana Yanishevsky remind me of the Venus Fly Trap from Little Shop of Horrors


My mom needlepointed (not knitted) this flower for the ring pillow at my wedding. She had a pillow made from fake moss and the rings tied on with the ribbon.

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