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Washi Tape Easter Place Cards

| Decor, Easter, Holidays, Parties

Holiday meals are occasions for place cards, but it’s really the last thing most entertainers think they have time for. But these Easter Egg place cards redefine the quick and easy craft.

All you need is eggs, washi tape, and toothpicks. (For the really thin washi tape, check out the Little B options. So beautiful!)


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Fuzzy Flock

| Animals, Easter, Everyday Crafts, Holidays

After Easter, do you end up with tons of plastic eggs? And mismatched plastic eggs, at that?

Solution: make these cute fuzzy sheep. The body is made from a large plastic egg and the head is a small one.

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DIY Rope Pendant Light

| Decor, DIY Home, Lighting

You can make your own take on this lamp with thin rope, thick rope, jute rope or nylon, and you can coil the rope around almost anything — like a flower pot, a funnel, or a bowl — to get various shapes. For this project, I used a round vase with an inflated balloon in the top, but if you happen to have a glass display cloche sitting around, it would do the job just fine.

Head over to the Etsy blog to see the step-by-step photos!

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