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DIY Sock Bangles

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Last-minute DIY gift sounds a bit like an oxymoron, no? DIY is usually time-consuming, requiring a trip to some special store to get the supplies that are probably expensive or sold out. Not this craft. This craft can…

  1. be made from materials from your drug store.
  2. be made from materials on a routine visit to Target.
  3. be made from things you might already have at home.

What you’ll need:

  • Plain bangle bracelets
  • Socks
  • Scissors
  • Hot-glue gun
  1. Slip bangle into the sock and cut. Leave at least a 1/2 inch on either side of the bangle for gluing.
  2. Hot-glue the edges of the sock to the inside of the bangle.

Voila! A fun gift to make and give…plus helps keep wrists warm this winter!

easy bracelet diy gift

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Rainbow Menorah Crown

| Hanukkah, Holidays

True story:

My daughter Sommer came home with a flyer from school, assigning a different holiday wearable for each day of this week. Holiday hat day, holiday scarf day, holiday sock day. And to be honest, Hanukkah-wear is not so easy to come by on short notice. So this crafty momma had to think fast.

And literally, this crown was made in 3 minutes flat on the kitchen counter the morning of! I wrapped nine gold pipe cleaners around a simple head band, slipped trimmed colored straws onto the pipe cleaners (she arranged them in rainbow order, of course), then twisted the ends into flames. No glue, no drying time, nada!

I think I’ll make her one for each birthday from now on, adding a candle for each year!

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Holiday Cards Made Easy

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This post is sponsored by my friends over at Minted.

Every November, I mentally commit to crafting holiday cards. And then the frenzy of December happens, so I’ll swear I’m going to get busy making my New Year’s cards. Take a guess if either actually get done. (A: Nope. Never.)

So this year I’ve decided to let the professionals handle the job. Check out these cards that just arrived in the mail from Minted. Part of my lack of organization with holiday cards is that I’m never actually looking for the typical “holiday card photo” throughout the year. Lucky for us, my kids and their new bedroom were featured in the August/September 2016 issue of FamilyFun magazine so I got a slew of amazing photos from the photographer, Biz Jones. This one didn’t run in the issue but it totally captures Oliver and Sommer as their goofy, yummy selves.

minted holiday cards
We sat down this weekend to write notes and stuff the envelopes (of course we had to add a little sparkly confetti to each). Oliver and Sommer were excited to pen messages to their friends on the backs.

kids helping address holiday cards
And then, I tried to capture a photo of them in the same position, but as you can see, there was no recreating that perfectly sweet, joyful moment. Instead we made about sixty more (mostly blurry), with these nine being my faves.

minted-holiday-cards-project-kid-gridAnd wait…if you are panicked about getting your holiday cards in time, Minted has your back. Through 11:59pm PT on Monday, December 19th, you can get free rush shipping or 15% off your holiday cards. Go go go!


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Cut-Out Christmas Decor

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I’m sure this is no surprise to any other crafters out there, but over the years I’ve collected many (many!) issues of Martha Stewart Living. When I say many, I mean jam-packed shelves worth. While most magazines find their way to the recycling bin within a few weeks, it’s a different story with the Martha’s. I flip through them again and again for inspiration because, let’s face it, nobody does it quite like Martha. And while blogs and Pinterest offer much inspiration, there’s just something about a glossy page, with well-considered typefaces, color, and texture that make me swoon.

Despite my adoration, as a professional crafter I’m up to my ears in supplies and space is at a premium. The time has come to part with some of my magazine collection. Luckily, I think the pages are firmly ingrained in my memory for eternity.

Because I couldn’t bear to just recycle them, I had an idea to incorporate pages of Martha’s crafts into crafts of my own. Her crafts are all so beautifully done that they can be turned into totally new show-stoppers in just a few steps.

Here are three simple holiday crafts you can use to recycle the magazines you love!

1. Garland


What you’ll need:

  • Magazine
  • Scissors
  • String
  • Hot Glue Gun

Cut out a series of images of roughly the same size (we used the awesome cookies from the Living December 2013 cover) and attach them to the string with a dot of glue on the back of each!

2. Cork Board Ornaments


What you’ll need:

  • Magazine
  • Scissors
  • Silver String
  • Acrylic Paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Round Cork Coasters/ Cork circles of various sizes
  • Glue Stick
  • Glue Gun

Paint cork coasters in festive colors, and let them dry. Meanwhile, cut out images from magazines that will fit, or can be trimmed to fit, cork circles. Glue image to dried cork and hot glue a loop of string on the back.

3. Mini Gift Boxes


What you’ll need:

  • Magazine
  • Scissors
  • Marker
  • Glue Stick
  • Gift Boxes

Trace the top of the box onto a magazine image, cut out, and attach with a glue stick. That’s it!

Does this get your creative wheels turning? Leave a comment with ways you would repurpose beautiful magazine photos!

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10 DIY Holiday Gifts

| Christmas, Decor, DIY Home, Gifts, Hanukkah, Holidays, Organization

Why should your kids have all of the holiday crafting fun? We’ve found crafts that are as much fun for the giver to make as for the giftee to receive. Don’t be surprised if you start to feel especially generous this season!

For the Co-worker with a Cubicle in Need of Cheer

1. DIY Face Planters

diy face planters

These adorable planters from Oh Happy Day are made with the classic craft staple, sculpey. Give the friend who sings to her plants a face to focus on.

For the Friend Who Likes to Keep her Kitchen Ship-Shape

2.  DIY Finger Knit Rope Trivet


These nautical trivets couldn’t be simpler to make – your kids can even help! All you need is rope, a pair of scissors, and your fingers. Follow the instructions from Flax and Twine to make your own in half an hour.

For the Friend Who Likes to Wear Her Art on her Sleeve 

3. DIY Abstract Embroidered Sweater


Let this sweater reflect your friend’s personality by including all of her favorite colors. Sugar and Cloth shows you how easy it is to create a masterpiece.

For the Sibling Who Refuses to Accept Winter 

4. 30 Minute Terrarium


No matter how cold and snowy it is outside, keep a piece of summer alive with this glass terrarium. Instructions from The Lovely Drawer include a how-to for the clever stand made from Vinyl paper and a jar lid.

For the Friend Who Makes Even the Routine Glamorous 

5. Gemstone Soap DIY


This is definitely a gift you won’t want to stop making. Let out your inner scientist as you experiment with color combinations to create just the right jewel. A Beautiful Mess shows you how.

For the Stylish Upcycler

6. DIY Leather Box Handles Using Thrifted Belts


Give new life to the forgotten belts in the back of your closet by turning them into modern handles. These multipurpose boxes from Idle Hands Awake  are as pretty as they are functional.

For the Foodie Who Likes to Keep It Simple 

7. DIY No-Sew Waist Apron


Don’t let your lack of sewing skills stop you from making the perfect apron. The instructions from Almost Makes Perfect  are so easy you can make one for all of your favorite chefs (while still letting them think they’re #1).

For the Neat Freak Who Prefers Her Paperclips in Gold 

8. DIY Gold Bar Acrylic Tray


Though they’re probably missing from your supply box right now, acrylic sheets might become your new favorite material after making this tray from Lovely Indeed. It’s sure to add some serious polish to whatever surface it sits on.

For the Friend Who Likes Traditional with a Twist 

9. DIY Fall Flowers Cross Stitch Napkins


Kittenhood makes a classic embroidery pattern feel fresh by using unexpected colors. Follow their example with a fall floral, or put your own spin on another traditional design. If you’re new to cross stitching, this article from DMC outlines basic techniques and helpful hints.

For the Hostess Who’s a Kid at Heart 

10. DIY Animal Dishes


We can’t get over how cute these dishes are! Though the instructions are in Dutch, you can still use Show Home‘s whimsical image as an inspirational jumping off point.

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DIY Peppermint Wagon

| Christmas, Holidays, Toys, Upcycled

I think pretty much any craft project can get a holiday makeover. I recently went through my books and selected a bunch of ideas to give little updates to, and the Tooty Fruity Wagon was the first one that I was excited to make!

Plus, my friends over at the Etsy blog were also excited and asked me to write up a post for them. So head over there for the full how-to with photos! And don’t forget to print out the template for the wheels. You can get that right here.

peppermint christmas wagon


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Cone Christmas Trees

| Christmas, Holidays, Upcycled, Yarn & Fabric

I’m a big fan of the holiday decorations that can be stored, damage-free, from year to year. This one is super simple to make, plus it can take a licking and keep on keeping on from year to year.

I made these with upcycled sweaters, but you can use green felt or even tissue paper.

Here’s what you need:


  • styrofoam cones
  • green fabric or old sweaters
  • scissors
  • hot glue gun
  • colored brads

s-l50021. Cut the sleeve off and begin to wrap it around a Styrofoam cone.

2. Hot glue sweater to the cone, folding the ends in the back to create a seam.

s-l50033. Press colored metal fasteners (or brads) through the sweater and into the Styrofoam to create Christmas ornaments.

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Sweater Christmas Stocking

| Christmas, Holidays, Upcycled, Yarn & Fabric

For years, this pom-pom stocking from Anthropologie kept showing up in my Pinterest feed. Every time I would click to pin it, I’d get that little message: “looks like you’ve already saved this!” (Happens to me more often than I’d like to admit!)

Finally, I decided I wanted to try to DIY it myself with an upcycled sweater instead of felt. I hit up the local Goodwill in Brooklyn and found the perfect knit sweater to try it out on. Here’s the best part…no knitting, no sewing machine…you literally do not need any artisanal skills whatsoever. I shared the full DIY over on Ebay…go check it out!

pom pom christmas stocking craft diy


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Crafty Holiday Drinks

| Christmas, Decor, Food, Hanukkah, Holidays, New Year's Eve, Parties

When you are throwing a holiday party, there are so many necessary things to consider: the food, the drink, and the decor are really the bare minimum. And when it comes to decor, unless you want to go hog wild, I’d recommend just choosing a few key details that will make an impression.

easy drink stirrer holiday craft


It’s pretty much a given that everyone, kids and adults, will have a drink in their near vicinity at a holiday party, so making something to doll up your cups and glasses is a fun way to bring in some holiday spirit. Here are three ideas that I made for eBay that are fun and easy enough for kids to make.

1. Tree Topper Stirrers

Who can resist these teeny little trees?

bottle brush christmas tree craft

2. Petite Present Stirrers

The glitter ribbon accent makes these gorgeous gifts pop!


3. Elegant Ornament Stirrers

Gluing on miniature Christmas balls can be made ten minutes before the party starts!

easy holiday party craft

Visit for the full list of materials and how-to! Cheers!

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