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Tic-Tac-Toe Valentines!

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If you are looking for a low-craft, but not exactly store-bought valentine, this one is perfect-o!

free printable valentine kids class

Just print out these free tags, cut out, then punch holes in the corners, and voila! There are four tags that read…”Love always wins” “Let’s Play a Game of Love” “Hugs + Kisses…coming your way” and “With love, no one loses!”

class valentine tic tac toe free printable craft kids

You just have to sign your name and you’re done. Oh yeah, and head over to Amazon to buy these cute little tic-tac-toe key chains. Perfectly suited for Valentine’s Day with the Xs and Os!

Download the free printable tags here!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

tic tac toe valentines easy valentines

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DIY Marbleized Valentines

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Of all the magical process-art techniques, there are none that I love more than the shaving cream/food dye method. I’ve seen adults gasp at the results of this combo, and I’m most def one of them.

I made these simple heart cards for the 2020 issue of Parents magazine, and once the issue arrived, my 7-year-old daughter was all over it! It’s not uncommon for work and life to collide around here! If you want to make these, here’s what you’ll need to do:

Spread shaving cream (the creamy kind, not a foaming gel) to make an even layer in a tray large enough to hold your paper. Have your child dribble 6 to 8 drops of food coloring into the shaving cream, and use a toothpick to gently swirl the colors through the cream. When the colors are spread out, have your kid press a piece of thick, white paper onto the colored foam. Scrape the shaving cream off the page with a ruler. Repeat with more pages. Once dry, cut 3 1/2 x 5-in. heart shapes from the sheets. Cut 8×6-in. pieces of colored paper and fold each in half to make a card. Glue cutout hearts to folded cards. Write, “My heart’s in a swirl!” inside.


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5 Valentines, 1 Material

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When February rolls around, it’s hard to decide on just one Valentine’s Day craft to make for friends and family. Everyone has a special place in your heart, and therefore they deserve a unique craft to commemorate it! I made these 5 Valentine’s crafts that all use Metallic Corrugated Hearts for Fun365, from turning them into kissing fish to making a love-shower mobile to making Valentine award ribbons. Pick one (or all five!) and craft your little heart out!

To make these projects, visit Fun365 and the shopping list is right there…just hit “add to cart!”.


DIY valentine craft for kids hearts mobile

Shower someone with a lot of love with this Valentine’s room decoration. Fold three Metallic Corrugated Hearts in half and glue them back to back around a string that’s between four and eight inches long. Repeat to make about 12 total in varying lengths. Paint your embroidery hoop (this step is optional), and once it’s dry, glue or tie the stringed hearts onto the center ring of the hoop, staggering their lengths. Secure the outer ring around by tightening the screw. Cut three long pieces of string and loop them around the entire hoop; gather these together and knot at the top to hang. Make it for a Valentine’s party or to just remind your loved one that love is all around!



love fish kids valentine craft project

We’ve all heard of love birds, but this craft is all about kissing fish! Glue two Metallic Corrugated Hearts together, overlapping just the top edges to form an almond shape. Glue the point of another corrugated heart to the back, and create fins by adhering Bright Self-Adhesive Heart Shapes to the top and bottom of the fish’s body. Fold a heart in half and glue it to the middle of the fish to make the side fin. Glue a googly eye to the fish’s face and stick a mini heart sticker under the fish’s eye as the mouth. Make these with your kids as school valentines or just as a fun, unplugged craft project.



easy heart cards for valentines day for kids

Grab your pack of 100 Metallic Corrugated Heartsand make quick and simple cards for everyone—your BFF, your favorite cousin, your bus driver and your babysitter! These are so fast to make that you can spread the love far and wide in a short period of time. Cut colored cardstock down to various card sizes: 4×6 inches, 5×7 inches, or 3×3 inches, and glue the hearts on with Aleene’s® Tacky Glue®. Vary your sizes and designs, and get creative as you go. You can cut letters freehand from scraps of cardstock to add messages like “I ♥ U”!



heart shaped valentine friends craft pipe cleaners

Add some metallic chenille stem arms and legs to a corrugated heart and you have a cute little Valentine friend! First glue googly eyes to the front of the heart. Cut your chenille stem in half—use one half for the arms and one half for the legs. Fold one in half and glue the bend behind the bottom point of the heart. Bend the feet up and glue a small bead on as a shoe. Glue the other half of the chenille stem to the middle back of the heart and add a bead on either end as hands. If you want to turn these into class valentines, glue a cardstock talk bubble to the heart that says Happy Valentine’s Day!



heart valentine winner ribbons craft kids

Who gives the best hugs? Who’s your number-one teacher? Make these Valentine award ribbons with your kids to decorate the loved ones in their lives. First, flatten two cupcake liners, and fringe the ruffled part of one liner. Trim the ruffled part of the second in half, making a small cupcake liner and then fringe the ends. Glue the small liner on top of the larger one, and then glue a Metallic Corrugated Heart to the center. Cut two 3/4-inch strips of cardstock that are about 3-4 inches long. Trim the ends to look like ribbon and glue them to the back of the larger cupcake liner. Use the space on the ribbons to write love-filled messages to the award-winner!

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DIY Valentines Bookmarks

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We are really a family of watercolor painters. Once we sit down with that beautiful polka-dot palette and a piece of thick, toothy watercolor paper, we dive in excitedly. And that’s why I so adore this Valentine’s Day project that I did for the 2020 February issue of Parents Magazine.

This is a great project to do with even the littlest of hands and then a grown-up can help cut, punch, and tie ribbon through. But just start with a big ole piece of paper and you’ll be amazed at how many Valentine’s Day cards you can get out of it!

(Fun fact…my kids actually painted this paper and doodled these hearts for me so that they really looked kid-made! And yes, they each got paid, because, hey, it’s work!)

Here are the instructions from the magazine:

Have your child draw hearts all over a sheet of thick paper using an oil-based marker, like Sharpie Oil-Based Paint Markers. (Note: These markers are permanent, so protect your work surface.) When they’re dry, have her paint over the hearts with watercolors in contrasting shades. (Because the pen is oil-based, the hearts will not bleed.) Let dry. Cut 2×6-in. strips from the page and punch holes in the top of each. Thread 3-in.pieces of thin ribbon through the holes and knot. On the back, write, “I’ll always save a place for you!”  pieces of thin ribbon through the holes and knot. On the back, write, “I’ll always save a place for you!”

diy homemade valentine card bookmarks

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DIY Sand Art Cards

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Seeing a row of clear jars filled with colored sand gives me all the feels. The rainbow joy, the craft potential, and the throwback memories to when I used to layer colored sand in little glass bottles.If you want to give sand art a more 2020 vibe, try this fun project that I made for my friends at Oriental Trading. Head over to Fun 365 to add the project to cart and purchase everything that you need to make these!

The sand assortment that I used comes with enough sand for oodles of projects (twelve 22-ounce jars!); this would be a great activity for a play date or birthday party! Make sure to cover your work surface or use a tray, or your table will look like a colorful sandy beach!

Here’s what you need:

Here’s how you do it:

1. Cut white cardstock down to the size you want your cards to be. We made 5″ by 7″ and 6″-square cards.

2. Stick foam letters or shapes onto the cardstock. Remember that you are going to eventually peel these off, so tape them down with medium pressure.


3. With a paint brush or foam brush, spread Mod Podge® around the stickers. Try not to let the Mod Podge® pool around the sticker edges, as that will create clumps of sand that might accidentally get pulled off. You want to paint a light coat, but enough so that your sand will stick into it.


4. Using a spoon, generously sprinkle the sand color of your choice over the wet Mod Podge®. This set comes with a dozen colors so the possibilities are endless!


5. Press sand down with your hand or the back of the spoon. This helps the sand stick to the glue. Then dump, shake, or tap the sand off the card and let it dry.


6. Pull the stickers off carefully and slowly.


7. Hang up your new sand art notecards or write on them and give them to friends!

sand wall art kids craft


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